why it's time to drop the labels, and be yourself

‘I’m a stressor’.
‘I’m shy’.
‘I’m not a people person’.

How often do you label yourself? Chances are you do it almost every day. So is it really an issue, or is it just a way of expressing who we are?

If you’ve been following me for the last couple of years, you would know that up until a very short time ago, I went under the banner The Whole Housewife. I loved this idea, and really enjoyed sharing my story in that way. However not too long ago I realised I was living to TWH’s label. I was making decisions based on what The Whole Housewife would do. As if she were a character separate to me.  I would consider everything I did and whether it fit with that persona.

It caused me to feel lost and confused, and to create a bunch of rules for myself surrounding something I had created as a fun creative outlet. It just didn’t make sense.

This realisation was amazingly eye opening. I was able to see so clearly how a label can cloud your judgement, and force you into a corner. Causing you to live your life in a certain way, just to fit that mould.

It doesn’t just go down in business. How often do you hear parents say ‘oh little Johnny’s shy’. Or ‘No she doesn’t like fruit’. These labels are just like an affirmation, but in reverse. Instead of reinforcing the love, we’re reinforcing the ego. And whether we consciously notice it or not, we are telling ourselves to behave to fit our label.

So I decided, why not just be me? And I ask you that question right now. Why not just be you?

You are divinely perfect in every way, you don’t need to use labels to define or explain who you are. Open your heart to be just as you are. Remind yourself that you only have love for yourself, and that the reason you are put on our beautiful planet, is to thrive as your beautiful individual self.

If you find yourself attaching labels, you will love these tips …

1. Awareness

Start by noticing the labels you attach to yourself and others. Be aware of what you say, and where you mind naturally goes.

2. Shift your thinking

When you feel your mind go to a label, for example, ‘I’m an organised person’, acknowledge it and switch it. Instead of giving yourself the pressure of fitting to that label, choose to affirm to yourself that ‘I always choose love’.  This releases you from the pressure of the label, and allows you to make decision directly from love.

3. Meditate

I’m quite sure every list of ‘to-do’s’ I ever write includes meditation. Meditation is proven to help quieten your ego, and allow more loving thoughts to come forward. Allow your mind to rest, and be guided by love. Love doesn’t label, love is kind, and generous, and brave. We all need more of that!

Now I’d love to hear from you! How do you pigeon hole yourself with labels, or how have they held you back in the past? Share your thoughts below, and remember this is a kind loving community, speaking your truth is always met with love!