are you ready to stop dreaming about your perfect life, and start living it?

(Please note that this online course no longer runs. Stay up to date with future courses by joining the Soul Squad).


I'm so excited to share with you The Gratitude Transformation.

A 6 week online course of inner work to create holiday happiness in your everyday life.  

TGT is designed to expose the goodness within and help you create a life worth waking up to. 

Sound good?

My friend and gratitude guru, Angela Simson from The Gratitude Project was seeing FAR too many people who, on paper, had it all, but still weren't feeling fulfilled and truly happy in their everyday lives. What these people were missing wasn't something they could buy, a change of scenery or a destination. It's all completely within and it begins with gratitude. 
And so The Gratitude Transformation was born!
I'm lucky enough to have been through the course already, and it was freakin awesome! I pretty sure I drove Ange crazy with my 'ah-ha' moment texts, and virtual high fives.
(I wish someone would clear up that prayer vs high five emoji debate!)

What I loved most about TGT was that everything was easy to follow, giving me steps to begin my transformation right away. Everything is practical, and it works!
And in case you were wondering... I do get a kickback for everyone who signs up to TGT through me. But I want you to know it's not about the money, it never has been. It's about my greater purpose to help you let your little light shine. To live your life as you deserve to, with passion and purpose. And hopefully many spontaneous smiles along the way! 
That's why I know that this program could be just what you need. Even with Ange as one of my besties, I still gained so much from this program and it majorly shifted my mindset. I just know you're going to love it! 

Keen as homemade organic mustard? 

Registration opens on 28th April - but you can register your interest here. 

Worried you'll forget? 

I'll swing by and let you know when registration begins. 
Still on the fence? 

Ange is offering a 100% money back promise for anyone that feels they aren't benefiting from the program. 

If you feel like you have all the ingredients for happiness, but it's just not cutting it, The Gratitude Transformation is for you!

Go here to learn more.

Questions about the program? Reach out sister!
I'm more than happy to help you work out if this is for you.
Share your questions below or send me an email. 

Whether this program is for you or not, I recommend getting familiar with The Gratitude Project, there's so much goodness over there that I know you'll love!