4 'facts' about happiness, you probably think are true

Would you believe that the biggest thing to hold us back from living the life we truly want is our mindset? Not money, not circumstance, not your job, not your looks.

Your mindset.

You see, through life we grab onto stories, and take them with us. Like bricks in a backpack, we carry stories around in our subconscious. Weighing us down the longer we carry them. All the while holding us back from feeling incredible, core radiating happiness.

Surprising? Probably not. In fact you might be thinking no that doesn’t really apply to me. But let me tell, there’s a pretty good chance it does. Why? Because the stories are sneaky. They hold vital mind space without us even realising, and play a huge role in the decisions we make on a daily basis. What we eat, wear, and who we spend our time with, can be hugely influenced by our happiness stories, or lack of happiness stories.

So today, I want to explore four ‘facts’ about happiness you probably think are true, when in fact they are most likely stories in your backpack.

1.     A happy mindset is something you’re born with

Oh baby, let me tell you this was one of my stories for such a long time. I’d tell myself, well of course she’s happy, she was born that way. It’s just easier for her.

And you know what, it might be. But diving into someone else’s apparent happiness is of no use to you. Yes it’s beautiful to see others happy, but not when you use it as a comparison tool for the ego.  

There are a couple of things to note here. The first is that just because someone looks happy, doesn’t mean they are. Now I’m not giving you permission to judge, just take it with a grain of salt, and remember not to allow your ego the indulgence of comparison.

The second is that yes, happiness is probably easier for some people than others. Maybe your past circumstances affected you?

But here’s a little bit of harsh truth for you, looking to the past, mulling over it and analysing it to figure out why things are the way they are, is counter production. Instead practice forgiveness and acceptance, and recognise that the past can’t be changed. But you sure as anything can change the future, and it starts now.

Start by appreciating the beauty in your life right now. Buy yourself a gratitude journal, write in your diary daily, or my personal favourite, start a gratitude jar, and whenever you walk past it, write down something you’re grateful for and add it to the jar.

Build mindset productive habits to support the life you are creating.

So, instead of A happy mindset is something you’re born with, change your story to, I’m living my life with a mindset for happiness

2.     Some people are just lucky, and they seem to attract happiness

Like the previous story, for some people this might be true, but comparison is work of the ego, and supporting that is counter productive.

So instead choose to manifest your dream life. What is it you truly seek? Get clear on what you want, create a vision board, meditate on it, write about it. Whatever feels right for you. The key here is to get clear on what you want and ask for it!

Struggling to get clear? Keep reading, I have the answer to your confusion!

Instead of Some people are just lucky, they seem to attract happiness, change it up to, I create happiness in my life with honest, intentional action.

3.     I’d be happy too if I had <insert dream scenario here>

Whenever I hear a sentence similar to this it takes me back to one of my first jobs. It was a wild place to work and aside from meeting my bestie, this was one of the best golden nuggets I pulled from the place,

Live your life in the way you would, if it was exactly as you imagine

For example, if you don’t take care of your car now, why would you be rewarded with your dream car? In the same way, why would you be rewarded with glowing health if you can’t take care of your body while it’s down?

Seeking externally for happiness as a reward when something is achieved, is dangerous and not sustainable. Instead, find happiness now, and grow from there. 

Switch it up from I’d be happy too if I had XYZ, to My life is filled with happiness.

4.     Good things come to those who wait

Maybe they do, but sitting around waiting for life to happen to you isn’t making the most of the opportunity to create the life you desire. Instead, allow life to happen for you by becoming clear on what it is your heart desires, and by being true to yourself.

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Change your story from Good things come to those who wait, to I actively participate in creating my dream life.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Do any of these story’s resonate with you? Maybe they’ve allowed you to identify a story you’ve been hanging onto? Be brave and share your story in the comments section below, then switch it up and show me your new and improved story!

If you and clarity don’t really seem to buddies at the moment, put your happiness first, and take action. These resources or a coaching package with me, may help!