you can do and have everything. but...

Today I want to share something quite personal with you. No judgement, just love – right?

For the past few months, my life has been heavy. Like a backpack of bricks firmly planted in my being. It has also been filled with incredibly beautiful light filled moments of magic too, and for that I’m so grateful.  But it’s time I unpacked those bricks and shifted focus, at least for a little while.

You see, although what is happening in our lives is progress, and progression, and we know on a conscious level that it’s unfolding just as it should, sometimes it catches up with us. And all we want, is for everything to stop racing.

For the world to just hold on a second while we catch our breathe, pull it together, then continue
on our way. But, it doesn’t. All we can do is choose is choose how we react to it, and I’m choosing love.

I started a new job 6 months ago in a completely different industry to what I’ve worked in before. I also went from being flexibly self employed, to structured 9-5. To say it was a shock to the system is an understatement.

Aside from this adjustment, I also begun studying life coaching, which I freakin’ love by the way (I can’t wait to offer this amazing service to you soon), throw in my continually growing self care practices, surgery x2, my quest to become a mumma, the launch of a new product (Happiness on Purpose), and trying to squeeze in some time with my husband, I fell apart.

Although everything happening in my life is progress and amazing, I can’t do it all. And that
doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

I was lucky enough to be reminded by my beautiful mother of this quote, and now I can pass it on to you….  

You can do everything. But not all at once.

I realised that it’s ok to have one or two focuses at a time. It’s ok, to pick and choose what is important to me right now, then allow that to change in two weeks, two months or even two years. Instead of allowing fear to win, by saying things like ‘ if you drop the ball on xyz, you’ll never be able to get back to where you are’ or ‘without your focus on that, everything will fall apart’ I’m choosing to trust that everything with be ok.

So my lesson to you?

Trust that your body will always tell you what it wants.
And the kicker?
Actively and consciously listen.
What are the messages? Are you always tired? Does that injury keep flaring up? Do you lack the ability to focus? Whatever the messages, hear them – and then act on them.

So in the spirit of ‘practicing what I post’, I’m taking a break from my online space to pour myself totally into my study and to focus on falling pregnant and becoming a mumma. It’s as simple as that.

You guys mean the world to me, and I’m so grateful for the amazing tribe we are building here, and I know that you will fully support me in this. And if it doesn’t float your boat, that’s totally cool too. I’m all about being true to yourself.

So what does this mean? No blog posts or emails for a while but I’ll still be on social media a little more sporadically.

Do you need to refocus, and step back in some areas of your life in order to give yourself fully to others? I’d love you to share your love-fuelled thoughts in the comments section below.