Today I want to tell you a story about one of my clients.
I’ve requested her permission of course.

I remember the first time I spoke to Gemma she said to me that she felt good about starting coaching with me, but she had an overwhelming feeling of fear.

Her words were something like...

‘I’ve tried so many things to find true happiness within, but nothing has worked. I guess I’m just worried what will happen if this doesn’t work either’.

It’s not uncommon for this type of resistance to come up before you walk a new path. In fact, it would be more odd for it not to come up.

The thing is, after our 30 minute complimentary session, I knew Gemma would do well, and I knew that she was really for my style of coaching.

Plus I’m kind intuitive like that.
I just knew it was right.

But I allowed Gemma to find her own knowing within, and as they say, she felt the fear and went for it anyway.

Looking back on that day, that version of Gemma is a distant memory. She excelled far beyond her hopes and goals for the series and continues to live a life that is aligned with everything she craved.

Happiness. Joy. Presence. Love.

Purely from seeing Gemma shine and deciding ‘hey I want a piece of that!’ Not one, but THREE of Gemma’s friends have also gone on to become clients of mine!

This is exactly why I love what I do.

Women rock. You rock.
Sometime though, we need a mirror (me) to help see it for ourselves.

And that’s why support is the most powerful tool you can have under your belt when you embark on change.

I’m sharing this with you because I only have 5 places left to work with me in 2016 and I want to invite you to be one of them if you’re ready to finish 2016 with an intentional-bang!

If you’ve felt the pull to coaching, but you also feel the weight of fear or doubt…‘Will I really notice a difference?’
I encourage you to gently step closer to that.  

This is your permission slip to feel the fear, resistance, judgement, and go for it anyway.

I want to invite you to join me for 3 months of radical self growth, up-leveling and heart swelling happiness, that will continue to serve you for the rest of your life.

Here are the details …



If you're ready to live to your full potential, connect to your inner beauty and UNLEASH YOUR BRILLIANCE, this series was designed for you! Fully tailored to suit you and your goals (don't worry I'll help you get crystal clear on those) with unwavering love and support for 3 months, this package is filled with practical goodness, to help you achieve those big goals you never seem to be able to tick off your list.


1 Upfront payment of $585.00
3x monthly payments of $215.00


// 1 x 30 minute consult and questionnaire
To make sure we’re the perfect match

// 6 x fortnightly 1-hour sessions over 3 months
All of my appointments are done face-to-face through Skype so you’ll need a stable internet connection

// Full access to the Resource Hub (Launching soon!) 
A mountain of extra resources, worksheets, products, books, programs and so much more to keep
you inspired, and make sure your soul is fed!

// Ongoing email support throughout your coaching series
So you stay on track

// Unlimited worksheets
To make sure you achieve your goals (And so much more!)

I only have 5 spots left for 2016, so if you’re thinking about having me by your side as you experience incredible change in your life, don’t delay.

And hot-tip my prices will be going up in 2017. 

Is Gemma a real person? You bet she is, you can read her testimonial  (Scroll down to GEMMA SHIELDS)

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