In my recent online workshop, one of the beautiful attendees asked ‘When it comes to self love, I know I have work to do, lots of work. But I have no idea where to start. Please help!’

She’s not alone.

If you’re here on my site, it’s more than likely that you acknowledge that your less-than-loving relationship with yourself, is holding you back from reaching your full potential. Even the term self-love feels so far removed from where you're at, that it just doesn't seem like it will ever be a reality. 

You've read the books, you know what you're supposed to do, but for some reason, you just can't seem to get started. Let alone make any progress. 

The number one reason for resisting a self-love practice is not lack of knowledge, rather lack of execution.

There’s a deeper reason why you haven’t taken the steps that you know you want to take. Maybe it's the story that you picked up as a child and have adopted as fact, maybe you're afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, or maybe you're afraid what others will think. The reasons are endless, and until you begin unpacking them, they will always hold you back from the true potential you have lying just below the surface. 

Today I want to walk you through three powerful tools to help you take that first step. Plus I’ve got a sweet-as-pie offer for you at the end of the post... You're gonna-wanna keep reading!

Wheel of Life

This worksheet is insanely clarifying, which is the exact reason why I get all of my clients to complete it. It helped me realise the areas of my life that require focus and attention. It also gave me the chance to offer gratitude for the areas of my life that are flowing freely. It only takes a few moments, and it will likely completely change your approach to self love and happiness, for the better!

No more should-ing!

As I mentioned above the reason we find it hard to change is not through lack of knowledge, it’s about execution. And if you want to execute something in a way that makes you feel great (remember the goal here is self love), it needs to come from the right intention.

So let me ask you, are your intentions coming from a place of ‘I should do this because it’s proven to help’, or ‘I want to do this because it makes me feel amazing’?

Check in with your intentions, let go of the burdens you’ve put on yourself, and start focusing on what fills your heart with joy, you have no space for the other things in your life. 

Work with a coach

You knew it was coming right? As a life coach it’s my job to gently guide, support and hold space for your growth. To help you establish practices that serve your best self, helping you come to life, and live to your potential.

If you’re coming to the end of 2016 feeling deflated, and like you left stones unturned, I invite you to try something different in 2017.

Here’s the sweet-as-pie offer I spoke about earlier…

I’ve just opened a select few places for coaching with me in 2016. If you feel ready to shine in your own brilliance, stop falling short, and to spend the first quarter of 2017 investing in laying the foundation for a lifetime of happiness (yes that actually happens) I’d love you to join me. 

The cherry on top…

As a Christmas gift to you, you can secure your series for just $99 (N.B this offer is now expired. Find out more about my coaching packages here).
The remainder will then be payable in 2017. (Payment plans are available) 

This is the only way to secure 2017 coaching at 2016 prices. Coaching bookings from 1st January 2017 will be at a higher price point than currently.

Don't delay though, if you feel the calling from your heart, act on it. Buck the trend, and trust you intuition. You've got until December 12th, or until the spaces are filled. 

If this sounds like you, email me directly to set up a Goals Session (via Skype), so we can clarify just what you want to achieve.

Remember to be kind to yourself beautiful, it’s okay to reach out for help

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