Life coach, health coach, career coach, business coach, entrepreneur coach, divine feminine coach, leadership coach… I’m not surprised if you’re a little confused.

I sure was, way back when I was first introduced to coaches.

When I first started exploring personal growth I remember the first time I heard of a life coach, I had a lot of questions. And no one really seemed to give me the answers I was hoping for, I always left the conversations feeling even more confused.

What I came to realise is that every coach puts their own touch on what they do, and how they describe it.

So that’s the first thing to understand about a life coach, we are all really different in our approach, and our skill set, which is reflected in the way that we do our job.

According to my beliefs and understanding... 

A life coach is someone who holds space to support you to achieve your goals.

And the question that always follows this is ‘…but… how?’.

This is because human beings love to understand the mechanics of how something works.

I’m going to break it down…

How I ‘hold space’...

This is probably the hardest part to explain, because it’s not really as tangible as your mind is likely wanting it to be. And if I’m super honest, I think it’s equal parts natural ability and active participation. Still not getting it?

I’m a natural space holder. I feel that is one of my strengths. I’m good at making people feel safe and comfortable, and this is because I care deeply about peoples wellbeing, especially women. So in a coaching relationship, I show up with this, but I also show up with intention.

The intention part of it, is to arrive to our session as my best self. This usually includes a mix of meditation, journaling, essential oils, energetic protection, calling on guidance from my angels and/or a big glass of water.

See what I mean about not being super tangible?

This is because it’s about a feeling.

It’s about me feeling a certain way, in order to help you feel how you want to feel in our sessions. Which is usually, safe to show up as every corner of yourself.

Now onto the more tangible part.

As your coach, it’s my job to ask you the questions that will bring you the answers.

We all have questions, things we don’t fully understand, things we want to flesh out or unpack.

For example, I have a client who wanted to set a goal around self care, but she was really unsure about what that would actually look like. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to achieve.

So, I prompted her with some super powerful questions, and we were able to clarify that she no longer wanted self care to feel like a chore, rather something she loved, and naturally weaved into every day.

Helping her find that clarity meant that we could set a goal that was so aligned with her deepest desires, that it inspired her, excited her and she achieved it with comfort.

Which leads me to the next part….

How do I help you achieve your goals?

For starters, the powerful (sometimes tricky) questions from me don’t end after we set goals. The continue through the series, and you'll grow to love them, because with inquiry comes clarity. It’s not all tea and dream-talk. If you want something to change, you have to physically do something.

I want to make it clear that I very firmly believe in the power of intention, and manifesting, however that doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and saying ‘I want to be happy’ and then wondering why it never happened.

You need to meet the Universe/God/Spirit (whoever your higher power is) halfway. You do some of the work, and the higher power does some of the work.

What does that look like?

Fortnightly actions that we set together to move you towards that heart-aligned goal you set. Remember what I was saying earlier about the promoting questions creating clarity, then that clarity helping to create goals? Well now we use that goal, and the beautiful intention behind it, as motivation and direction. 

Some examples of actions might be, writing a letter to someone (or to burn), meditation, journaling with spot on topics to bring you clarity, visualisation, signing up for that course, saying goodbye to friendships/lovers, saying hello to new relationships, expanding your beliefs around how you nourish your body, practicing daily self care...

Really, the possibilities for actions are endless, because they are 100% tailored to suit you journey.

So in summary, and my best effort to explain this using the least words possible...

A life coach will support you to achieve your goals, by holding space, asking you the questions you’ve never asked yourself, and inspiring you with intentional action to help you make your dream life a reality.

How does that go for you?  

Need more? Take a look at this. 

If this post is making you all excited with the possibility of not going at your goals alone, instead with clear direction and with your big questions answered, I want to meet you!

I am only seeing a small group of clients at any one time, and am currently taking on 4 new clients in June 2017. If you want to learn more email me (hello {at} katecaddle.com) for more details. 

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