On Sunday the 27th November, I hosted Summer Intentions Journaling Workshop at The Craft Parlour. It was such a beautiful morning, with everyone embracing the practice, and either amplifying what they already were doing, or starting something new. 

Thank you for having me in your space again Rach, what a delight it was! 

I loved watching the women go on a transformation throughout the workshop, releasing the old, aligning with their desires, and discovering what it really is they most desire.

One of the ladies commented that she came for one thing, and it turned out that she got something completely different from the morning. I think this is something really special, not just about workshops, but life in general. We think we know what we need, but there is always a bigger plan at play. All we need to do, is listen to what we are called towards, and trust that the rest will unfold as it is meant to.

I'd also love to say a giant thank you to the generous businesses who sponsored this event...

Weave + Willow for their INCREDIBLE cushions. Seriously, they're so comfortable! 

Lemon Canary for the beautiful Chakra Candles, and the tasty tea we sipped on all morning. 

Flowers at the Door for the beautiful summery blooms (that are still going strong in my house!)

Blendlove for filling our bellies with raw, vegan treats! 

I also want to say a huge thank you to Anne, my incredible photographer who never ceases to amaze with her beautiful skill of harnessing the energy of a moment in her photograph, a true talent. 

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