Last weekend I hosted my first workshop, and it was a total blast. It was intimate, honest and filled with love, and I couldn't be more grateful for the afternoon shared with such lovely women.

We enjoyed meditations, heart felt chats, delicious food and drinks, and a fear tears. It was so powerful to be in a space where everyone felt safe to share their true selves.  

The afternoon flew by, but at the same time it seemed to last forever.

Here's what Louise had to say...

I’d never been to an event like GROW before, I bought my ticket on a whim and I’m so glad I did. Kate is so warm and gentle, and I loved listening to her speak. Not once did my mind drift off!

The biggest lesson I took away from GROW was to appreciate the person I am, and to make more time for the things that I enjoy, even to the point of scheduling them, otherwise life just gets in the way!

The day after the event I found myself listening to the sounds, breathing and enjoying the fresh air on my morning walk – normally I’d have loud music playing in my ears.

I thoroughly enjoyed GROW and I’ll most definitely attended more events hosted by Kate. I’m already keeping my eye out for the next one!
— Louise Webster

I was really blown away by everyone ability to open up so quickly, and allow themselves to be vulnerable. A couple of the girls commented that they felt so safe to share in the intimate space, and this is a big reason why I wanted to keep numbers where they are.

During our reflections at the end of the day, I was in awe of the shifts that had happened just in those few hours. Women recognising that time spent on them is in fact, not at all wasted. Finding new ways to show themselves love, and committing to themselves to ensure that they model love to their children. 

Wow. Just wow. 

This is what I had hoped for when I created GROW, but I knew that an element had to be left to the Universe. I was adamant that the vibration of the room was high and conducive to the nature of the event. 

I knew when I was planing GROW, it was really important that any brands or people I worked with on the project, would align with my values and beliefs, and in some way be invested in the notion that women deserve to live brilliant lives. 

I'm blown away with the caliber of people who jumped on board this event, and how much love they infused into their products and services to bring it to life.
Drum roll please, let's send them love back. 

Anne Kohler - For capturing the day as more than just a memory.
Olive & Joy - Julie, you brought my journal dreams to life
Paradise Pantry - Thanks for the full belly's
Sol Cleanse & Flannery's for keeping the whistles wet
The Events Lounge, The One Day House, Lovestruck Events and The Borrowed Nursery for transforming the space into an environment I never want to leave (no really, can I live there?)
Lemon Canary, The Little Sage, Love Letter Collective and Bright Little Dot for sharing your beautiful products. 

If you're interested in future events and don't want to miss out, be sure to head here, or even better, join the Soul Squad and be the first to know!