This week I’m changing pace slightly and asking you to turn inward. I know that’s something that isn’t new to you, or unusual for me to ask, but this time I want you to check in. To become present, and aware.

In this age of self development and constant growth, it’s easy to deflect our previous choices to live by outwardly seeking, onto life in the wellness world.

What I mean be that is it’s easy to go from I need a new bag, car and holiday to I need to be healthy, spiritual and grateful.

What’s so bad about that you might ask?

Well it’s not that one is good or bad, rather that the core of the issue still isn’t being addressed, and that is finding comfort, peace and presence with who you are – right now.

In my own experience there is a juggle between striving to improve as a person, and letting go and accepting myself right now.

Because without a doubt I want to grow and push my limits. I want to step outside what feels comfortable, and experience life into every corner of each moment. But on the same token, I am always reminding myself that I am enough right now.

That I’m always doing enough, being enough, loving enough, growing enough. And there is no need to push. Rather release and surrender (there it is again!)

This is truly where you find magic.

And today I want to take it one step further, and ask you to recognise just what it is that makes you special.


I often ask this question to my clients, and say things to me like ‘I’m normal. I don’t have any special talents’ or ‘I’m not great at anything in particular, just okay at lots of things’.

But they’re missing the key.

We rarely notice the things that make us special, because they come so easily to us. They’re so natural, that we don’t even acknowledge them.

I’ve done some exploration into this recently, in an effort to get more comfortable in my own skin, and I discovered that one of the things that makes me special is that I’m really kind. I care a lot about other people and how they feel, and love to do all I can to show them kindness.

This is something I have done my whole life. And it comes so naturally to me. I don’t even have to put conscious thought into it.

I’m wired to be kind.

And I’m really proud and grateful for that quality.
But for years I dismissed it, because it came easy to me.

In the name of becoming present, stopping the push and being grateful, this week I would love you to complete these three exercises and report back with what you find.


I love the ‘gratitude’ app, it reminds me everyday at 7:30am to take a moment to acknowledge what I’m grateful for. This will begin to rewire your brain to find the good within the moment. For more on Gratitude check out A BUSY* WOMANS’ GUIDE TO ZEN.


Start to take notice when you feel good. What happened before that? Was it when you gave a beautiful gift, after you spent some time alone or after you went for a walk?

Take notice of the things that make you feel good and one step further, quickly jot them down. This makes the next step a whole lot easier!


Bring together connections based on what you find. Maybe you begin to realise that you always feel good after you spend time alone, this might mean you’re great at self care. Maybe you notice that you feel great when you take care of the neighbors dog for the weekend – does this mean you’re generous? Maybe you feel incredible after a day at work? Does this mean that you’re dedicated?

This exercise is designed to help you bring awareness to all of the things about yourself that are special, beautiful and perfect right now. It’s about noticing them, being grateful for them, and knowing that often the things that make you so unique and special can be totally skipped over.

In the space below, I’d love you to share what you find. What is the one thing you’ve been glossing over, and now realise how special it makes you? I want to hear about it, and the Universe wants to know how grateful you are for it!