Last weekend my gal-pal Angela Simson from The Gratitude Project, and I hosted GENUINE CONNECTIONS Call in your soul-squad.

An intimate event where we shared stories, lessons, laughs and a few tears about friendship.

For years, both of us experienced friendships that were surface-scratches. Never too deep, just the stuff on the surface.

I craved something deeper.

And it wasn't until I realised that it was up to me to make that change. It wasn't about the people around me not being what I wanted them to be, it was about me deciding what I wanted in my life, and then opening myself up to receive that.

The afternoon was filled with incredible, open, honest chats, and totally inspired me to step more into my truth.

We were so incredibly blessed to have the divine Emma Newby from SOME WILD DARLING capture the event for us. I think it's fair to say she did a beautiful job!


The vulnerability that was shared in that room was like nothing else. I'm so grateful for every single person who chose to be at the event, the vibration was incredible and they all contributed to that. 

So many of the attendees commented to me that they felt so safe in the space, and that shone through in the incredible personal stories that were shared, and heart felt love that the stories were received with. 

Genuine Connections reminded me of just how incredible women are when they come together to support and uplift. 

You all well and truly filled my heart with love and joy!


After hosting my first workshop at Boheme&Body Wellness Shala, I instantly fell in love. The space is so beautiful and intimate, and you can feel it's unique vibration the moment you step inside.

With the help of our major sponsor DOS OMBRE, styling pieces from LOVESTRUCK and to die for greenery from THE BORROWED NURSERY, it was yet another visual dream of mine come to life.

And I can't gloss past the scent. Oh the smell.

LEMON CANARY created a signature fragrance for the event, that blew my socks off, in the most beautiful way!



What a hit!

I knew the attendees were going to loose their mind, just a tiny bit over these babies!

Valued at over $50 each, I was super glad there was one left for me too!

Featuring treats from ...

Collective Magazine
Loving Earth
Flannerys Organic
Blue Dinosaur
Lemon Canary
The Love Letter Collective
+ An intentional journal from Ange and I



What's a good event without some belly nourishing goodness?

Fresh organic fruit, Going Coconut's Sticky Date Puddings, The Probiotic Kitchen Kombucha and The Cleanse Kitchen Cold Pressed Organic juices. Talk about yummy!

Genuine Connections was my second event this year, and my first co-hosted event, and it's fair to say I've developed a real passion for them.

As much as I love having a predominately online business, there's nothing quite like connecting in person. I love being around my soul-squad, you guys light me up.

If you're looking at this event and wishing you could have been there, don't worry, there are more events coming! Starting with GROW Inner Expansion and Self Love TAKE 2.

Head here to learn more and save the date.