This year has been one for holidays for me. I’m so incredibly grateful for that, because the 12 months prior were heavy, and definitely didn’t include the lightness I’m experiencing now.

Just a few weeks ago I was in Byron with my family for a wedding. My friend married my cousin, how cool is that?

We spent a few extra days down there, and it meant that I really go to unwind, and take a break. And my goodness it felt good!

On the drive home I felt resistance to coming home. I love my house, and where we live but I wanted to stay on holidays. This isn’t something I normally feel. I’m a homebody and normally I’m quite happy to get back to my routine.

So I sparked a conversation with my husband (who had similar feelings to me) about bringing more of the ‘holidays’ into our real life.

‘What is it about being away on holiday’s that makes you feel so good?’

Michael's answers were a little something like this ... 

  • Spending time with me 
  • Not having to work
  • Doing more of what I want to do
  • Being near the ocean
  • Eating good food

Quite similar to mine, except the work one.
I love my work so much, I look forward to it!

I decided to set myself on a mission to bring more of those things into our ‘real life’.

Why do we save our best selves for holidays?

If you’re like the average Australian, you get about 4 weeks holiday a year. Does that mean that you only allow yourself to really enjoy life then?

Yeah you might find moments of joy in your normal life, but how cool would it be if you could feel the holiday joy a whole lot more in home life?

At the end of the day, we're all chasing a feeling. Whether it's to feel free, loved, adventurous, brave, empowered, strong, fulfilled, kind, generous. We all want to feel a certain way. 

That's why I love yoga for example. Because I want to feel strong, connected, and feminine, and it does all of those things for me. But there are other ways I can feel those things too. Like holding a workshop, spending time with my soul sisters, or overcoming an obstacle. 

Connect to the feeling, connect to your happiness. 

If you're stuck on this, take yourself to a time that you look back on fondly. How did you feel in that moment? 
Go past the statements like 'happy', 'on top of the world'. Keep asking yourself until you get to the feeling word. Take note of it/them. These are gold! 

When you know how you want to feel, all you need to do is work out what makes you feel like that. 

Here are some ideas to get you moving towards how you want to feel... 

  • Sleep in on the weekends
  • Watch the sunrise/sunset
  • Don’t watch TV (this is a huge one for me!)
  • Eat out once a week at a local healthy restaurant
  • Spend more time being present
  • Relax in your own home – often we’re too busy to enjoy our space
  • Try a new recipe 
  • Buy yourself a hammock
  • Practice presence with your loved ones
  • Wear your pj’s til noon
  • Take a bath
  • Read your favourite book
  • Do some writing or journaling
  • Leave work at work
  • Listen to your favourite music while you cook dinner
  • Make yourself an afternoon mocktail and drink it outside
  • Wear your favourite outfits – hello resort wear!
  • Light a candle
  • Have a picnic
  • Put your feet on the earth

Does this list resonate for you? What can you add?

Copy, paste and print the list, and add anything onto it that you would like to do more of in your everyday life.

And just in case you didn’t pick up on it, all of these things are acts of self love!

Whenever you choose to do something that fills you up from the inside out you’re acting from love, and we always need more of that!

If there’s something you can add to the list that you think we’d all benefit from, I’d love you to post it in the comments section below.