During my 100 day Transformation I have been stepping deeper into understanding the power of trapped emotions, and how they manifest in the body.

The idea is that as we experience things in life, and don’t deal with them, we store them in our body, or as I like to think of it – we add them to the metaphorical trailer that follows us.

Slowly adding to it, and weighing ourselves down.
Each of the bricks of emotion holding us back from our full potential.

And by the time the trailer if full we can’t even remember why we put each of the bricks in there is the first place. All we know is that they feel heavy and they’re holding us back.

As woo-woo as it might sound, we are all energetic beings, and we vibrate at different frequencies, in fact that’s science.

And further than that, like attracts like.

So wherever your vibration sits, you will attract more of that vibration into your life. People, experiences, animals, foods, illness or health.

Interesting right?

If we are energetic beings, and we have this vibrational understanding that science has taught us, why do we continue old patterns and store our emotions in the trailer?


We’ve come to believe that showing emotion isn’t always safe, correct or appropriate.  

How many times have you dismissed your emotions with something like ‘Don’t worry, just get on with it!’

We’re often taught from a young age to push our feelings to the side, wack on a smile and push through.
Especially men.


Get ready for it, it’s super complicated.

You feel it.

Tell yourself ‘it is safe for me to feel this emotion.’
Then sit in that feeling.  
Let go of judgement of yourself. Of the feeling.
And do what you need to do to release it in a healthy, non-destructive way.

Journaling, a run, screaming in the shower.

And then bid it farewell.
Now prepare to welcome in the light you have created space for.  

When we release the burdens of past pain, we begin to manifest a life we truly desire and we begin to feel peace, safety and love in its purest form.

It’s so logical really.
When a feeling arises, feel it.

But what about the stored stuff? The bricks that have been sitting there for years?

This is something I’m exploring right now in my own life.

I’ve experimented with different means of subconscious healing, and I look forward to sharing this with you soon.

But right now, if you feel called to heal subconsciously, my only advice would be to listen to your intuition, or ask for guidance from within.

When you begin clearing the blocks, the stepping stones for your path become clearer.

When we align with our truth, be brave and step towards OUR light, the Universe meets us half way.

One final thought I want to leave you with…

It is ALWAYS safe to be you.
To show up as yourself, and feel what you need to.
It is safe to be vulnerable.
You are supported.

It’s time to let go of the past, raise your vibration, and feel what comes next.

This is the rise of the light worker.