I started my first business when I was 19 years old, and 9 years later, I’m up to business number 4. Each served a purpose, but now I really feel that I’ve found mine. Purpose that is.

But today’s post isn’t about business or finding your purpose.

It’s about age.
And earth suits.
And judgement.

Not too long ago I was getting takeaway from our local Malaysian restaurant (yes I do eat takeaway sometimes!) and while I waited for my cashew-wedgie (the cute lady who works there pronounces veggie a little different to me) I noticed a family eating-in.

There were about 6 of them from memory. Mum, dad, two kids, and grandma and grandpa.

The older of the children was talking to his family, sharing something intently with them. But what captured my attention was the way they were all listening, respecting what he had to say and were genuinely intrigued by what he was sharing.  

Now this may or may not have been the case, but it got me thinking about age, and how we often pigeon hole people based on the number attached to their physical body.

In the early days of starting my first business, people would always say things to me like ‘wow you’re so young to have your own business!’

And I guess comparatively, I probably was.
Numbers-wise anyway.

But on the inside I had a wealth of knowledge, and I ran that business better than people twice my age.

Because the thing is, age isn't a way of determining someone ability, knowledge or expertise. 
Like it really doesn’t matter.

It’s irrelevant.

I believe in past lives but aside from that, I believe that every single person on this is earth is beautiful and unique in their own special way. Regardless of age.

I like to think of our lives like a fingerprint, no one has one like ours. 
It's beautifully unique. 

And because of this, we all have something different to offer the world, based on our experiences. 

There are people who want to hear your message, who need to hear it!

And I really believe that you are not only disregarding your truth, but also being a tiny bit selfish if you don’t share your incredible self with the world in the most beautiful authentically-you way.

The thing to remember here though is to not be blinded by other people shining their light.
That’s their light. Not yours.

You have your own light. But it only shines when you show up as you. 

Remember it’s like a finger print.

But Kate I don’t know my purpose, I hear you say.

(I know I said this post wasn’t about purpose, but it seems to be going there, and shining my light means following the words as they coming to me!)

Your purpose is greater than a job or career path.
It’s your highest value. The divine reason you’re here.

I believe there are two keys to finding your purpose.

The first is to step closer to what feels good and let go of what doesn’t.

When we learn to loosen our grip on life (trust me I know how hard this is, it’s something I’m learning more and more each day!) the most perfect path aligns before us.

It doesn’t happen instantly, but it does happen.
And what’s the race anyway? 

Remember what I was anything about age being irrelevant?

Follow your gut and trust what feels right.

Bringing more of the good into your life shifts focus, and suddenly the stuff that doesn’t feel good slowly fades away, and when the time is right, you let go of it.

The second, is to look deeper, deeper, and then a little deeper.

When I speak to my clients about their purpose, most of them come out with something like ‘I love makeup, so I believe that’s my purpose.’

Big. Fat. No.

This is not your purpose, this is your career or dream career.

I ask them to look deeper.
So why do you love makeup?

‘I love the look on women’s faces when they see how beautiful they are after I’ve finished their makeup’

So what is it about that the makes you feel good?
‘I think it’s that I’ve made someone feel happy within their own skin.’

Would it be fair to say your purpose is to nurture?

I know this to be true because not so long ago, that was my story.
And when my time was up as a makeup artist, I shifted gears, went deeper and became a coach.

And guess what?
My career path looks different now, but I’m still true to my purpose.

To nurture.

So now beautiful, it's your turn. 

How have you been letting your age become a limiting factor in stepping closer to your purpose? Have you been using it as an excuse? Now's the time to call yourself out, and let go of that belief. 

And if you're ready to step deeper, as yourself about your purpose. Go deeper, journal, or share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Because there is absolutely no reason why you can’t start becoming the most you version of you, right now.

Not even your age.