In Australia we are in the brunt of Winter, and although I live in one of the warmest states in the country Winter really isn’t my friend.

I'm all about humid days, tropical fruit and sticky skin.
I’m absolutely in my element when the weather is warmest.

But the seasons flow, and we must flow with them.

Take the light with the dark, the good with the bad, the growth with the stagnation.

It is the essence of life.

And as much as we resist it, it’s going to happen.

Normally as the days get colder, I begin to focus on how much I miss the warmth, and continue to resist the cold. Always fighting against it.

But this fighting against, serves us in no way.
The season will flow, whether we want it too or not.

So instead, why not embrace it?

Winter is a time for hibernation, for going inward, for rest, for grounding, warming foods, and gentleness. It’s time to build our internal fire and find our warmth within.

Instead of wishing the cooler weather away, why not embrace it?
Here are my top tips for embracing the season, and harnessing the power of a mid-year refresh…

Adopt the principles of hibernation

We’re animals and during the colder months, our bodies experience the effects of a desire to hibernate.

The hearty meals we crave keep us fuller for longer, and add warmth to our bones.
Longer hours of dark support us to get more sleep.
Cooler days and nights encourage us to stay ‘inward’ and protect our hearts.  

This is a time to go in.

To value the quiet, and the chance to connect more deeply with yourself. 
Allow yourself to slow down.
And prioritise self love.

Pushing through the cold and living your life the same way you do when it’s warm will often deplete you, adding to exhaustion.

If you feel tired… Rest.

It is ok to slow down and reflect.
Spring will come again, and you can find your energy with the sun.

Revisit your goals

We’re over half way through 2016, and now is a beautiful time to revisit your goals and intentions for the year.

But do it with the idea that your goals are allowed to be elastic. 

Meaning, they can change.

I’ve just revisited my personal and business goals for 2016, as well as my intention for the year. And the truth is, some of them have changed.

I no longer feel connected to some of the things I hoped I would manifest or achieve this year.
So I’ve let them go without judgement, or without the desire to finish them.

Without letting myself feel like I’ve failed, or that I’m letting anyone down.

Continuing on a path that doesn’t feel aligned, is only letting you down – no one else.

Instead choose ease.  

If you no longer feel connected to your goals and intentions, change them!
Let go, set new ones, celebrate your achievements – and do it all with nothing but love for yourself.

What is your next step?

After revisiting your goals and intentions, ask yourself.

What is the next step I can take that will serve my highest self?

Not the next 3 or 5 steps. Just the next one.

And keep in mind that now is a great time to explore internally.

Maybe it’s time to undo a belief system.
Maybe it’s time to ask for help?
Maybe it’s time to meditate, breathe, or eat a meal that warms your belly.

Ask your heart this question, and refrain from judging what comes up.
Let your inner loving voice be your guide.

Reach out

When we grow internally, we often come to a point where we feel a desire to reach out for support.

A listening ear, new inspiration or someone to help us find clarity. 

And that’s what I do as a coach.

Having someone to support your journey inward, call you out when fear is disguising itself as truth (boy this is powerful) and guiding you to your light is incredible. And I know personally that has been where I have found the biggest growth.

July is a beautiful time to start a coaching relationship, gently propelling you into the second half of the year with love in your heart, inner connection, inspiration to manifest your desires before the year is out and tangible actions to make lifelong change. If coaching calls you, learn more here. 

As you move through these steps, tune into your heart, the key is to remember that this too shall pass. The season will change.

And then will come the shedding and letting go, but for now it’s time to listen to the call, and go inward. 

I’d love to know, What is the next step you can take to support your highest, most amazing self? For accountability, share yours in the comments below.