After almost two months away from blogging, I'm really excited to be back! I've been focusing on my own health for the last few months and taking somewhat of a winter-hibernation. It's been well worth it, and has meant that I could support my body through the time of year that it struggles the most. 

I'll be sharing more with you about the last few months, in next weeks blog post. 

To make sure you're kept in the loop on what I'm up to be sure to join the soul-squad - I'll send you a copy of one of my hugely popular e-books as a welcome gift too! 

Throughout my time away from my blog, I've still spent a lot of time writing, but rather than publicly with an intention of creating something, it's mostly been privately in my personal journal. Which has become my scared little space for clearing out the blocks, welcoming in intentions, and swinging them into life. 

It's amazing what comes to us when we just sit down and write. Even when you feel you're not a writer, I promise you - you can journal!

I go to my journal with the intention to be. There is absolutely no need to produce an outcome. Which is a little counter intuitive to what we usually do whenever we write, but once we let go of the thoughts that hold us back from sitting down to write, we actually open up to the opportunity to see what our heart is trying to communicate to us. And there is always something it's trying to say! 

Journaling has become the most beautiful way for me to connect to my true self - to my heart. It allows me to cut through the stories, thoughts and ‘noise’ that go on in my head, and listen to my true inner voice.

The gut instincts, the true feelings, your deepest desires – they’re all already within you, sometimes buried under mountains of inner chatter. Journaling will help you make your way through and access your inner guiding light. 

We all have an inner guiding light, until we give it an opporunity to come forward we will live in the chatter of the mind. Create space, and feel your inner world change. 

Today I want to share my top three tips for journaling.
I challenge you to give it a try - without expectation - and see what happens for you! 


Give yourself a prompt to get going. Something like ‘what does self love mean to me’. Don’t over think it; just write what ever comes to mind. You don’t need to edit it; in fact it’s better if you don’t! There’s not even a need to re-read it, unless you feel the desire to. Just get words onto the page. 


This is more to keep you writing for a certain amount of time, rather than to stop you when you’ve done enough. Typically what happens is most people get a burst of inspiration when they start and then come to a holt after about 5 minutes, closing their journal and leaving it at that.

But after the initial burst is when you’ll get to the really good stuff! Start with a 10 minute time limit, and keep writing for the full time you've set aside, even if you repeat yourself. It will help you get into the habit of writing, and you might be surprised what comes up for you!


Once you finish writing, close your eyes and sit with it for a moment. If you wrote about a pain that you need to release, it’s great to visualize it leaving your body. If you wrote about a your desires or vision for the future, visualise them to help bring them into your life. 

And if you feel yourself questioning what you wrote or looking for answers, remind yourself that if the answers haven't come yet, today is just not the day. 

And if you want to learn more about cementing your own powerful journalling practice, I'd love to have you join me at a future workshop. You can keep an eye on the workshops I'm running here.