‘I’m so torn between what I should do, and what I want to do’
‘I should probably stop being so lazy and tidy my house’
‘I want to take that holiday, but I really should save my money’

Sound familiar?

These conversations are a sign that your head and heart are out of alignment.

As children, we are led by our heart. Following whatever we are drawn to in each and every moment.

Present, aware, and all-in.

As we grow older though, we learn to adopt expectations, fears and rules that we begin to live our lives by.

Choosing to go to University because that’s what we should do.
Choosing to work out bums off at the gym, because we should look a certain way.
Choosing to say certain things, in order to be accepted.

All the while stepping further and further away from our true state of happiness that we entered this world with.

Society, and particularly the media are very good at telling us what we need to fix about ourselves, reminding us that we aren’t good enough.

And until we break the habit of choosing head over heart, we will always end up in the same position.

Today I want to share with you 3 things you can do to connect back into your heart, and act on what you hear.


With an absolute overload of mental stimulation at almost every moment of our lives, it’s really easy to disconnect from the present.

How often do you talk to someone, and also write an email, make breakfast, or mentally write your shopping list?

As women we’re born to multitask, and although this is handy, it’s also stopping us from enjoying the gifts that are being delivered to us in the present. When I’ve been in a ‘doing state’ I lack focus, struggle to keep a level head, experience disrupted sleep, have a shorter fuse and don’t use my lungs to their full capacity, often causing anxiety.

Stop for a moment now, and take notice of what’s happening in your body, when was the last time you checked in to see how you’re feeling?

What is your breath like?
Your heart rate?
How do you feel?

Begin to become aware of what is happening in your body, by checking in regularly.


When was the last time you lost yourself in something you love? When you really allowed yourself to have fun?

Maybe you enjoy a sport, art, writing, playing with animals, helping people, riding your bike, dancing. Whatever it is that floats your boat, do more of it!

Creating a life you love isn’t about cutting things out or making too many rules.It’s about allowing more of the good stuff in, and naturally the other stuff will fall away.

Take a piece of paper now, and write down all of the things that bring you joy.
Now slot in three of those activities to your calendar, over the next week.
Making time for the things that bring your joy, makes your heart so happy!


When we ground ourselves, negative charges are released into the Earth, connecting us with nature. It’s science.

You know that clear, rested feeling after a barefoot beach walk, or the peace you feel after an afternoon in the park?

Mother Earth literally takes the negative energy from our bodies, and re-organise it back into the earth. How cool is that?!

Whole towns have consciously ‘earthed’ themselves, and in turn have seen community wide health improvements as a result. (I recommend the documentary – The Grounded).

Being in nature is also a beautiful way to drop down from your head, and into your body.

Feel your awareness sit lower, as ground yourself in intention and connection. 


If this topic speaks to you, I’d love to invite you to my audio workshop INWARDS & UPWARDS. 

You can find out more, and download your copy here. 

Enough from me, now I’d love to hear your favorite practice for dropping out of your head and back in to your heart. Or if you’re just getting started on this, tell me what you’re going to try today in order to break the habit? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.