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Over the past few months, 14 women have made their way through my Happy School group coaching program, each with the most beautiful stories of success both in their time with me, and also after.

With the doors to Happy School open for potentially the final time in this format, I thought it would be fitting to share with you some of their experiences and feedback.

If you’re new around here, or have heard me sharing Happy School, but never knew what it was about, you’re not alone!

Happy School is a group coaching program, where we meet weekly for 6 weeks over Zoom, an online meeting platform (like Skype). We catch up via audio only, where each week we cover a particular topic that is all about guiding you towards long lasting happiness.

I’ll guide you through your workbooks, and there is time on each call to chat and share experiences. We also connect between sessions via our private Facebook group. Allowing you to connect with the other women, and lovingly support each others growth while experiencing your own.

You can learn more here.

Now onto those beautiful stories.

How can I not start with the 3 babies have been created under the powerful manifestation that came as a result of clarity, that was found during Happy School?! + My own! So lets make that four!

I’m definitely not claiming that this is the way to have a baby, nor will you manifest one if it’s not what you desire, but what Happy School does offer, is the opportunity to remove all the blockages that are stopping you from manifesting what you truly want. So if you are feeling blocked in receiving what you most want, this is the right place for you.

One of the other women decided after much deliberation to have a career change, and signed up to become a coach herself! I’m so excited to support her through her journey in 2018.

We had moments of clarity so deep seeded, that perspectives of childhoods were changed forever. With a new found gratitude and compassion for those that we previously blamed for our struggles.

There was radical self acceptance. I’m talking shifting of patterns that had been engrained for years. 

Bravery beyond belief! 

Tears, vulnerability and then complete grace on the other side. Plus a heaped dose of connection and support in the mix. 

There have been job resignations, quietening of the inner nastiness and shifting it to something much more empowering, to completely letting go of the desire to compare to others.

I will forever be blown away by the transformation that happens in this beautiful Happy School container, and continuously grateful for the women that show up ready to expand.

If you’re craving true happiness, and a shift towards what feels aligned and true for who you are, not who you think you should be, I encourage you to act on that.

This is the last time I will be running Happy School in this format until 2019, and still, there are no guarantees of that it will ever run again. (Who knows what my heart will call for post birth of my first bub).

This is your last chance to take one of the limited 8 spaces to join me and the rest of your Happy Schoolers for a life altering experience.

What a way to round out 2017!

If there is a voice piping up and telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t, ask yourself, ‘but what is the one reason why I should?’ We spend to much of our lives listening to the voice that tells us not to do what we really want to, if you feel called to it, let this be the time that you choose differently.

You don’t need to have the answers, you don’t need to know what comes next, all you need to know is that once you say YES, I’ve got you.

So what will it be beauty? Are you in?


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