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When I first found out how toxic some of the products in our home were, I was completely overwhelmed, and wanted them all gone immediately. However the transition proved to be a little more challenging than I first expected. 

When my research begun, I found that so many of the products I was using on my skin, in my hair, and on my body were filled with nasties that were likely affecting my already haywire hormones. Having the best intentions, choosing those that were labelled ‘natural’, wasn’t actually serving me.

I set out to educate myself on what would no longer make it through our front door, let alone into my blood stream and what would. 

If you want to know more about what ingredients could be having a detrimental impact on your health, I recommend spending some time reading through the posts here. 

What I found was that all products were not created equal, and what I had previously thought was okay, definitely was not. 

I established 3 priorities when it came to skin care and body products…. 


The products needed to give me results. Coming from a makeup and beauty background, my standards are high, and I want my natural products to perform just as well, if not better than the standard products. 

Safe for my body 

As natural as possible, without compromising the other two factors.


The products need to be both affordable, and value for money. 

Some products obviously stand out more than others as far as meeting my requirements, but it has taken time to curate a little list of goodies that work for us. And I’m not just referring to skincare. This includes cleaning products as well. 

I was recently introduced to a brand completely new to me, and have been experimenting with their products for the past few weeks, and I’m really excited to share them with you. 

Enter Summer Land Camels. 

These products, and company are blowing my mind. 

Their farm is about an hour or so from the Gold Coast, on rich volcanic soil, the most nutrient dense soil that we can benefit from. The camels feed is grown from that soil, which they get to graze on throughout the day. 

Their farm is ethical, doesn’t test on animals and their farming practices, animal care and manufacturing maintain the highest global standards. 

They also produce all of their products in small batches on site, are Australian Made, and Australian owned. (Love local!) 

You can learn more about their principles and philosophy here. 

I was a little sceptical on the products to start with, as I often am, I don’t like to get my hopes up, but what I found was that they align, they work and they fit my budget. Let me explain… 

First and foremost when it comes to safety for my body, I’m very happy with the ingredients, and ethical side of this brand. Big tick. Summer Land nourishes your skin naturally, and this collection is designed to compliment your skins own natural immunity. 

As far as price for quality, I’m also impressed. None of the products are over $40. Individual shipping costs are calculated at checkout, and vary, but in my opinion were reasonable. But I do have a free shipping code for you to use kate_caddle (perfect time to purchase for Christmas gifts or drop the hint!)

Now onto the fun part, functionality! 

We’re currently in the final days of Spring here in Australia, and we’ve had unseasonal weather, which has resulted in my skin being dryer than normal, so I’m loving all of the hydrating goodies! Particularly the hand cream, and the body lotion. Both have just the right amount of moisture, without leaving me feeling like a greasy mess. In fact, they soak in beautifully. 

Camel milk is naturally full of AHA’s, vitamins, mineral and anti-aging and anti-inflammatory immune proteins. Meaning that the effect we feel isn’t just for show, camel milk actively works to improve our skin. 

My other favourites are definitely the shampoo and conditioner. I’ve found that clean shampoo and conditioner and quality don’t often go together, but I love these! They work, and they leave my hair feeling beautiful. Often with natural products, it’s one or the other. 

Exploring new products can be a lot of work, and a big expense, I know that having a recommendation or suggestion can help with clarity and direction. 

What product or products can you switch for the better in your home this week?

*I’d like to mention that I partnered with Summer Land on this post. But as with all partnerships, I would never share anything I don’t love, nor would I claim anything that is untrue. 

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