On Friday night just gone I hosted Autumn Intentions. This was the first time I had held a workshop in the evening, and I kinda loved it. It was intimate, deep and a little bit shadowy - which I totally honour. 

The vibe of the room was a beautiful mix of deep diving, and light and bright. The perfect combination. All of the women who attended were there with their hearts on their sleeve, ready to be opened, and released, and to be realigned with their intentions. 

From connection, to stillness. From honouring themselves, to showing up in their homes with a whole new energy, the women blew me away with all the desires and inspiration that they unfurled from within themselves. 

It truly was a special night! 

Plus, the Craft Parlour has been renovated since I last hosted there. It's now twice the size, and has taken on a different energy of her own. Still beautiful and powerful, but just different. See if you feel the vibes in the pics.

I also want to thank the beautiful supportive sponsors who I work with on all of my events. The people behind these businesses are so incredibly generous, offering their gorgeous products time and time again, to ensure that my attendees have an incredible experience. I could not be more grateful for you all! 

Lemon Canary
The Love Letter Collective
Pukka Tea

I also have to say a giant thank you to Anne Kohler, the gorgeous photographer who graciously works her craft at my events, ensuring we have a visual keepsake of the evening that was.

This feeling is definitely infectious, I've fallen in love with events, and there will be more to come from me! Keep your eyes out or register here.