Almost 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, an autoimmune condition which means I’m allergic to gluten. If I eat anything with gluten in it, I know almost immediately, and it takes me over a week to recover from the tiniest bit.  

And you know, it’s been fine. It was a relatively easy transition, and I’ve never really missed anything that contains gluten all that much – nor have I EVER intentionally eaten gluten since the day I was diagnosed. Purely because I respect my body too much for it to be put through the process of trying to rebuild.

But what I begun to notice is that every time someone offered me something that contained gluten at a party or event, I would always say ‘oh no, I can’t eat that’.

Seemingly harmless right?
Wrong! In that moment, I was choosing to become a victim of my diagnosis.

Because the truth is, I CAN eat gluten. I can eat it all day, but I CHOOSE not to.

And by making that simple adjustment in my intention, I completely take back my power. No longer sitting in victim status, by saying ‘I can’t because….’ I chose to come back to what the truth is… ‘I’m choosing not to.’

Do you see the subtle, but powerful shift?

I’m bringing this to you, not because I want to tell you my full health history (how long do you have?), I’m sharing it with you because hiding behind our circumstances is a sure fire way to keep us from core radiating happiness, and really sitting in our power.

Something I learnt from my incredible coach, is to check in with yourself WHENEVER you hear yourself say ‘I can’t because…’ Anything that follows that is either, an excuse, a story, a fear or something that is keeping you playing small, and not standing in your power.

And the thing is, when we get conscious about our thoughts and words, we begin to see that everything we are doing is a result of a choice we are making. Sometimes, we lay blame, but really it’s our choice.

It’s your choice not to move your body.  
It’s your choice to eat the donut.
It’s your choice to bitch about your colleague.
It’s your choice to let your friend walk all over you.
It’s your choice to hate on your body.  
It’s your choice to sit on social media instead of reading a book.

Smack-down, right?

When you become aware of the moments you are blaming, making excuses, playing small, and acting out of integrity with your word, you have an opportunity for growth.

In that moment, you can take ownership, and accept your choice or CHOOSE AGAIN.

Get conscious.
Take ownership.
Choose again or accept your current choice.

Three simple steps. But I’ll tell you now, you’ll feel resistance.

Because my darling, you’re upleveling and that’s part of the process.

Before you expand, there’s often a little retraction.
It’s normal, and we all experience it. (Read that again)

Every single one of us experiences resistance in one way or another, before we grow.

Don’t take this as a ‘sign’, because it’s not.
It’s fear, and you can pass through that.

Call your fear out…
Follow the steps, and choose again.

Will you call yourself out today? If you need assistance with this, I’d love to support you.

And if you’re already noticing where you do this, and you’re really ready to call yourself out (virtual high fives sister! I love people who take action immediately), then I’d love you to share with me in the comments section below.

What’s the constant ‘I can’t because…’ that’s playing out in your life? How can you choose again, or learn to accept that choice?

Take back your power, sister – cause it feels so damn good!