You read the books, go to the events, do the programs – you’re all over it. But for some reason nothing really changes, or at least not enough for you to feel a significant difference in your life.

You’ve spent hours, and probably thousands of dollars and you are a wealth of knowledge. You know all of the things, but everything is still pretty much the same as it was not so long ago.

You hear about incredible concepts and ideas, and at the time you couldn’t be more inspired to make them a part of your life. But it never happens.

This is because you’ve missed one vital step.


I believe there are two elements to investing in yourself.  

Absorption + integration.

Neither work to their full capacity without the other.

In order to actually create change, you must apply what you have learnt to your life, otherwise everything stays the same.

There’s a very powerful question that Dr Libby once asked when I heard her speak, ‘why do we do what we do, when we know what we know?’

My answer? There’s something deeper going on.

Something is anchoring you in the past and stopping you from moving forward.
This awareness is the first step.

Whenever we make the choice to change, in some capacity fear WILL rear its head.

This is perfectly natural, in fact it’s a natural response that we are programed to undertake.

Fear can be super sneaky and disguise itself in lots of ways…

‘I don’t have time for that’
‘I fully understand that concept, so probably don’t need to actually do it’
‘Close enough is good enough, right?’
‘I’ll start tomorrow’ or better yet ‘I’ll start on Monday’
‘I’m too tired today’
‘I can’t because… {insert reason/excuse} ‘

Have you ever heard this dialogue, or something similar play out in your mind before?

This is fear trying to keep you small, and safe. But the truth is, there is nothing unsafe about implementing a morning routine, changing your diet, or saying affirmations.

So how do we move through this fear, take action on what we’re learning and truly uplevel our lives?

Here are my tips…


Trust what stands out

You don’t have to implement everything today, or even this year. For new habits to fully integrate, they need time, and consistent commitment.

Trust what stands out to you right now as something you want to implement, and commit to that. Just that one thing that stands out.

And once you’re ready something else will stand out.

There’s no race. Slow down, take your time and appreciate that you don’t need to learn everything right now.

Write it down

Whatever it is you’re committing to, commit to it! And a great way to do this is to write it down. Whether it’s in your journal, on your noticeboard, on a sticky note on your computer screen – write it down.

A study done by Dr Gail Matthews a psychology professor in California, discovered we are 42% more likely to achieve our goals if they are written down.

Put pen to paper, commit to what you want, and make it visible.

Set action steps

Here’s a little insider tip, one of my roles as a life coach is to help you set concrete action steps to move you towards your goals. And that’s essentially how you achieve what you want.

Be your own coach, and write down what steps need to be taken to implement the learning you have, and integrate it into you life.

I’ve created an awesome cheat sheet for you on this, you can download it below.

Print it out, fill it in, and put it on your fridge.

Show up

Now that you know what you want, you’ve written it down, you’ve worked out what you need to do, it’s your job to make it happen.

There is no excuse now.

Show up daily, do the work, and start to feel the impact of integrating the learning’s that align with you.

For some extra reading, you might enjoy this post.

Bonus step – Have an accountability buddy! Tell a friend about this, and check in with each other. If you don’t know anyone who would do this with you, come and join us inside Heart Space. It’s brimming with ladies committed to supporting themselves and each other towards their big goals, and I’m certain you would find a buddy in there.

I want to leave you with one final thought.
The key is that you actually have to make the change.

No one is going to do it for you. You need to take the action, feel the fear, become aware of what is happening, be kind to yourself (this happens to everyone else too) and get your booty moving.

So when will you start your integration?

I’d love you to tell me an experience in your life where you felt the fear, but were able to move through it, and continue with integration. Use the comments section below to inspire me, and your soul-sisters with your achievements.