Social Media Hacks

Engaging with social media is one of the easiest ways to feel like your life doesn’t shape up. Like you will never have enough, be doing enough or be beautiful enough to be happy. And the worst part is, most of us spend hours in this space of comparison every single day, with the help of Instagram or Facebook.
Take a moment to think about how long you have spent on social media today, and how it made you feel. Frustrated, annoyed, sad, confused? It’s almost hard to believe that something that is housed within a screen can cause so much fluctuation in emotion within our bodies.
What if I told you that social media actually isn’t the issue though, that this type of unconscious engagement with social media is the problem.
What do I mean by unconscious engagement?
I'm talking about moving through life without actually checking in as to whether our actions are aligned with the life we want to be living. 

If you were conscious in your choices, do you think you would continue to do things that don’t align with your truth, or make you feel alive?
It comes back to the quote, ‘why do we do what we do, when we know what we know?’
So many of us are unconsciously living, plodding along at life, just allowing everything to happen to us, never really asking ourselves why we’re making the choices we are, and how those choices are affecting our lives.
If you were able to engage with social media in a more conscious way, what do you think would change? Would you follow that person who triggers you? Would you engage with social media when you’re feeling down?
But most importantly, how would you feel?
When I engage with social media now, it lifts me up, I feel vibrant and alive. I feel positive and engaged.
All of this is because I got real with myself about how I was engaging with Instagram and Facebook, and then I took action on what I found. Now my social accounts work for me. 
And the good news is, I’ve turned all of my lessons into a sweet little 3 week online program for you, so you can overhaul Social Media and free yourself of comparison.
Master your Feed is free for now, and I’d love you to join us!
I’m here to show you there is another way, see you inside!