Did you know that in just 70 hours the human brain can generate enough energy to power an iPhone? That’s a lot right?

We are flowing with energy at any given moment, and have the ability to do incredible things with it, but why are we always so exhausted, completely tired and flat as a tack?

I believe this is because we aren’t mindful of how we share our energy.

And lets pause for a second and acknowledge the word share, I use this very deliberately instead of the word give. Our dialogue matters and giving away your energy is not something that is healthy for you, but sharing is beautiful. 

Right, back to finding that hidden source of energy.

We all have it, and we all have the ability to access it, but somehow we have created lives that don’t support that.

We give our energy freely to people and situations that don’t serve us.

Imagine if you focused on saying yes to what gives you life, instead of saying yes to what *takes it*.

When we mindlessly live our lives on autopilot, we get stuck in a constant energy leak.

An energy leak could be a person, place or situation that drains your energy whenever you are in it’s presence.

When you leave that space, you feel more depleted than when you entered into it. 

This is identified as an energy leak.

A vortex that takes from you, without replenishing.

An example is a relationship with a family member that always leaves you drained, you never want to see them and you just avoid contact. 

That’s a leak for you. That relationship is leaky.


I’d love you to take a moment to note down any energy leak that you can identify in these areas …








All of these areas matter deeply to us, but when we show up to do things, or be with people who make us feel depleted, we are loosing our energy. When we can align our lives with what feels great for us, and gives us energy, we completely shift how we show up in the world.

And just like that you have been able to access the energy that was there all along. Rather than leaking it out, you’ve kept it for yourself.

Depleting ourselves of energy doesn’t serve us, or anyone we care about, it’s important to realise that you and the people you love, need you to feel vibrant and alive. It is not selfish to prioritise your energy.

This is also a fantastic opportunity for you to build boundaries, start saying no, and honour what you desire.

Where can you make changes in your life to honour your energy flow, and access that infinite source, rather than giving it away? I’d love you to share with me what you’re going to do next in the comments section below. 


Kate CaddleComment