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When I first started this journey into the life I now live (which is ever evolving might I add), it all begun with a cold pressed green juice and a story of a girl who totally inspired me. It was from there that my interest was sparked, and I started the path to fulfillment, first through my food.

Although I didn’t realise it at the time, what I was really doing was beginning to align with my truth.

Before that I had a typical healthy diet of the 90’s. I grew up on vegetables, meat, fruit and carbs. I actually have a lot of gratitude for the food my mum prepared in our home back then, I now know I really was lucky. I’ve never eaten a frozen meal, and we rarely had takeaway, but I still didn’t have the healthiest relationship with food, and I certainly ate foods (or excuses for foods) that didn’t serve my best self.

So embarking on a food overhaul my intention was to serve my body better, to show up and give it more of what it loves, and less of what it doesn’t. But what I didn’t realise is that cleaning up my diet would be the catalyst for my personal and spiritual growth too.

Because when we fill our bodies with crap, it’s incredibly hard to access our truth. Our mind is foggy, we struggle to make choices, and our bodies adapt to this level of ‘normal’. But as we clean up our diets, we feel clearer, and because of that we begin to hear everything that was previously numbed out by sugar and processed foods.

It might not be essential, right away, but I believe there will come a point where you feel limited by where you’re at, and you will need to face your relationship with food.

After all, how can we live our best lives if we’re not lovingly fuelling ourselves?

If you feel like you want to open yourself up to personal growth, consider looking at the way you eat. Be honest with yourself, is it really serving you?

Are you giving you body what it needs to thrive? Because when it’s thriving life is much easier to deal with. You have more energy, more clarity, and you crave more of what you’re already having.

How you eat matters. 

And not just for your physical health, but you emotional health too.

Imagine how much more open to growth you would be if your food choices served you. How would that feel? How would you spend your evenings? Your weekends? What would you think about?

Hold this vision tight, this is your inspiration for change. 

If you want something to be different, this is going to be your motivation.

Step away from the discomfort, and towards the clarity.

If you’re anything like me, you need somewhere to look to for inspiration, direction and the truth on what our bodies love best, take a look at Holistic Health Space. It’s a no-fad program + support towards lifelong wellness. No deprivation here. It’s about abundantly serving your body!

Now I’d love to hear from you, what change are you committing to this week that will serve your bigger picture of wellness? Share in the comments section below.

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