No I didn’t say cheese-cycle. Although it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been asked!

I came across this concept a few years back when my friend Madonna introduced me to it, and over the years I have learnt more and more about how supportive it is, and I now work with it in some capacity ever day.

At the time I was struggling with managing a huge workload with my makeup business, and wasn’t in the greatest health. This concept was eye opening for me, and gave me complete clarity on how I needed to make my day work for me and my energy flow, instead of pushing against it.

What am I talking about?

The chi-cycle is concept developed by Chinese Medicine, and it highlights the value in working with the different functions of the body, and choosing tasks that support them, at different times of the day.

If you have ever had acupuncture, done tai chi or experienced qi-gong, you would understand chi energy. But if this is new to you, Chinese medicine believes that energy runs through different channels in the body called meridians, and that energy is referred to as chi. This is an ancient modality, and one that I deeply respect because I’ve seen it’s benefits first hand over and over again.

The essence of Chinese medicine is in restoring the flow of that energy throughout the body, for optimum health.

It is also believed that at different times of the day, the chi energy is in a particular organ of the body. With each organ comes different emotions, actions, mental alertness and so much more. The chi cycle was developed to harness and acknowledge those two hours pockets of time, and the organ the chi is working in, to maximise our day and to encourage that free flowing energy throughout our body.

It’s an incredible concept, and sometimes quite overwhelming, but what I found in working with chi cycle is that when I plan my day to suit it, it always flows so much more beautifully, I experience less resistance and I feel more grounded and calm.

But the most interesting part is, when I show this to people they can often acknowledge that they may already be working closely to the cycle. For example between 9-11am we are in ‘spleen’ and the spleen is all about taking assertive action striving forward and achieving. It’s a very strong yang energy, and for most of us, this is when we do our biggest work of the day anyway!

I’ve come to fall in love with this cycle, and the ability it has to assist me in creating flow in my life, while I ensure that I balance my yin and yang energy throughout the day.

I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of Jost Sauers Chi-cycle, it depicts it perfectly, and is very easy to follow! I have a copy on my fridge and one in my workspace so that I can refer to it throughout the day.

Another really cool thing to note, and I’ve learnt this through my many years of regular acupuncture, is that the time you wake in the evenings (if you’re not sleeping well) can give you a lot of clarity around what your body needs as far as support.

For example, if you’re always waking between 1am-3am you’re waking in ‘liver’ (you might also be experiencing feelings of agitation and anger?) and supporting your liver and the energetic flow through it, will be really supportive to you and your sleep pattern.

Our body leaves clues, and the Chi-Cycle helps us understand them.

This cycle can give you a lot of clarity, and also an outline of how to structure your day in the most supportive way!

I’d love you to tell me, what is it about the chi cycle that has you most interested? Share in the comments section below.


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