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Desire. It’s vivid for all of us, whether we allow it or not, desire truly is powerful. We feel the craving to the centre of our heart.

But is it enough? 


Is the pure desire for what we most crave enough to bring it to life?


The term manifesting has become somewhat buzz-y over the past few years, and reason enough. After the secret came out all those years ago, it became more widely recognised that we may in fact hold the key to our future within.

I didn’t fully grasp and exercise the concept (and see results) until this year. I’m still learning, but I can tell you now, for the first time I’ve manifested just about everything on my vision board for 2017, and we’re only in September.

Reflecting as I write that, is quite special actually. 

Because the desire never changed. I have always been lead by desire when it comes to what I crave. Yes at times it was laced with fear, but the heart of it was desire.

So how do we turn that desire, that craving in the heart, into something tangible? I want to share with you what I’ve learnt and practiced this year when it comes to calling in based on desire.

I want to share with you how I’ve finally been able to wear my manifesting shoes, and actually open my door when it comes knocking. 


Strip the rest away

When we establish what we crave (the desire) within moments we’re flooded with every reason in the book why we shouldn’t engage with said desire. And we engage with it.

This is our first mistake.

There are a million reasons why it might not work, but if your heart is calling for it, what life would you be living if you stepped away because it could go wrong? 

That is for sure not the way I want to show up here on earth.

So do what you need to, to clear your blocks. Journal, have energy healing, see a kinesiologist (my personal favourite), meditate, run, go to yoga… Whatever allows you to clear the blocks do that. Important note - there is a big difference between clearing and surpassing, be aware of this.

Strip anything away that does not serve the heart guided vision you have been given. 


Get clear

Crystal clear. And then get clearer. The more clear you are on what you desire, the more specific you can be. And the more specific you are, the simpler this process is.

Keep checking back in with your heart, ask for more direction and be honest with yourself.

This will not work, if you are not truthful with yourself about what you desire.

It’s important to note here that this takes time. Trusting in the unfolding, and sitting in the space of finding clarity will serve you well. Pausing here, if required, will allow the unfolding to happen in due time.

Once you’re clear write it out into a beautiful paragraph, remember to be specific. Add all of the details about what you’re asking for. Maybe add pictures if that resonates, or pop your crystal clear desire on your vision board. 


How will it feel?

By far my favourite part of this foundation process!

Close down your eyes, and bring your crystal clear desire to the front of your mind. Create a vision of that desire, and begin to feel it in your body, get familiar with how you feel when you are alive in your vision.

This is how you will feel when you receive your desire, and it also becomes the marker for preparing you to receive.

It’s like muscle memory, if you’ve done it before, it’s a whole lot easier to do it again. We want to be familiar with how we want to feel, not only does it show your higher power that you’re ready, but you’ll also know how it will feel when you receive it.

You might like to take notes, so that you can continue to get familiar with that energy. 


Show up

We must meet this process half way. There is work to do, show up for that, but remember it’s not all on your shoulders.

Start with step one, and when that’s done, more on to step two. 

The path will unfold in the timing it is meant to.



By far, the hardest part of all, letting go of control, and just trusting the process.

Often when I ask for something, it unfolds differently to how I thought or imagined, and if I didn’t trust the process, I would likely have closed myself off to receiving exactly what it was that I asked for.


Start again

That’s right, now we go back to the start!

I believe it’s quite simple really, but it’s about showing up for what you want, and giving yourself to it. For many of us, we ask for something an then don’t give it much thought, except to complain about why it’s so hard.

Get honest with yourself, are you putting your energy in the right place to call in your desires from a place of love? Honestly?


Try this approach on for size, and let me know how it unfolds. 

It can’t hurt right? 


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