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As one of our goals for the year, Michael and I are actively working to reduce our collective impact on the environment. From plastic bags and packaging, to clothing, all the way through to power, we both want to do all we can to have as little impact as possible on this beautiful planet. 

The truth is, I’m okay at this, but not great. I definitely have my moments where I cringe at how full our rubbish bin is before it gets collected, and then other times I give myself a high five for the tiny amount of waste we have. 

A small shift is better than nothing, and I’m allowing myself the space to learn. To make the choice to not bother at all, purely because I know I’ll get it wrong sometimes seems like I’m keeping myself stuck in fear. So, we’re giving it a crack! 

Speaking of cracks, a couple of days before the turn of the clock from 2017 to 2018, as I plugged my laptop into one of the outlets in our home, I received a zap. An electric shock that I felt go right through my body and out my leg where I was sitting on the floor. 

Normally I wouldn’t have been too concerned, however being that I have a little baby on board, I was really worried. After hours in the emergency room, and plenty of monitoring of mine and babies hearts, we were given the all clear, and both of us are perfectly fine! Best. News. Ever. 

However, I couldn’t help but notice the MASSIVE sign from the Universe on where we should start with our mission to reduce our impact. Together Michael and I decided that we would explore the type of power company we were using, and what other potential options we had to work with. 

I am so glad we found Powershop. Now I know this probably doesn’t seem like the sexiest place to start, but it does get fun, so hear me out.

We were able to switch our power provider at no extra cost, and now all of the power we use in our home is 100% carbon neutral. How cool is that? No extra charges like the airlines have!!

This felt like such an obvious choice for us, especially knowing that they are backed by Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide, ranking PowershopAustralia’s Greenest Power Company, for two years in a row. 

There’s something incredibly special in knowing that we have been able to make this simple shift to reduce our impact in a big way, in just a couple of steps. 

Fear of change, and going through the transition period can often be what holds me back: you too? But knowing that it’s simple and straight forward, I can tick this off the list! 

If you would like to see more from me on how we’re making an effort to reduce our waste, and make our home a little greener let me know in the comments below. I’d love to share with you what changes and choices we’re making as we grow and learn through this process! 

Virtual high-fives to you if you make the shift. Companies like Powershop are making it easier for us to reduce our impact, why would we not at least explore it? 

*I’d like to mention that I partnered with Powershop on this post. But as with all partnerships, I would never share anything I don’t personally love, nor would I claim anything that is untrue.

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