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Naturally, I’m quite a driven person, and if I set my eye on something I’ll do whatever I need to, in order to get there. But over the last few years, I’ve found my flow in doing this without damaging my health and pushing myself to the point of exhaustion. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the self development space, it’s that brilliance doesn’t happen by accident. Some people aren’t just born brilliant by default, and then everything in life is easy for them. Think of someone who inspires you - for me Oprah comes to mind. I know for a fact that she is forever stepping outside her comfort zone, and always holding herself to a higher standard. I have a lot to learn from her in that area alone. 

Ask yourself…. 

Does the person I admire step outside their comfort zone?

Do they hold themselves to a higher standard? 

As the Gratitude Gang grows and I’m supporting more and more incredible women to achieve their goals, I felt called to share some of my best tips for self motivation. I’d love to know in the comments section below how you keep yourself motivated…  

Know what you want and why it’s important

If you head off on holidays you tend to pick the destination first. You’ll research it, book transfers, and accomodation. You’ll work out the details, and you’ll know exactly why you want to go there. 

I encourage you to get this crystal clear on your goals. 

What is it that you specifically want, how are you going to feel when you get it, what will change in your life, how will you feel? 

And then ask yourself, why is this important to you. 

Putting the work in here will give you the clarity you need to stay on purpose, and if you feel yourself waver, you can easily pull yourself back into line. 

Make it visible

Once you are crystal clear on what you want and why you want it, make sure you are reminded of it every single day. Make your goals and the reasons why they’re important, visible to you. Personally, I have a very clear vision board that I spend time sitting with every day. 

I also have my smaller goals written down and stuck to my computer so that I see them each day when I sit down to work. This keeps me extremely clear on whether what I’m doing it taking me closer to what I want, or further from it.

The more reminders you have to stay on purpose, the more likely you are to follow through.  

Identify action steps 

Identify your next 5 baby steps to get you moving towards your goal. Make these small and achievable, but also productive. What can you do this week? 

Then set a reminder in your phone for a weeks time, to set another 5 baby steps. 

When we break our vision or goal down into smaller pieces and take action daily, it adds up to something much bigger, and before you know it, you’ve made incredible progress! 

Schedule it

Off the back of the previous step, I love to schedule things into my calendar with an alert reminder. Having it clearly stated with time set aside, leaves minimal room for distractions away from what is most important. 

We have the opporunity to be distracted thousands of times per day, but I know that if it’s in my calendar, it’s going to get done, because I’ve made the time for it. 

When you set your 5 baby steps, take a few moments to see where you can fit them in over the next week, and block out the time. Your future self will thank you for it. 

Get an accountability buddy

Sometimes the best thing you can do to stay on your path is acknowledge that you need help staying accountable. Let's just debunk any thoughts you have around this being about weakness. Most successful people in the world have incredible support networks around them and if it’s something you feel called towards, then find yourself an accountability buddy. 

Maybe it’s in the form of a life coach, or maybe you have a friend who you know would like the same in return. 

There is so much power in having support, never be afraid to ask! 


Now I’d love to hear from you! What is your best tip for staying self motivated? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, I know we all have a lot to learn from each other, don’t withhold that wisdom sister! 

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