It's about you : The story behind my brand
"A brand is very much an extension of self, so it is crucial to know your why before you engage a creative process." – Heidi Lakin

Investing in my new brand was something I was excited about, but it also made me nervous.

Just like Heidi I believed that in order to create the brand I was dreaming of, it needed to be an extension of me. What I do as a coach is so deeply engaged in me as a person, unlike other career paths I’ve taken, there’s no separation. I don’t need to put-on, and take-off a hat when I walk into my office.

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blissful babe - nat kringoudis

If you've been reading The Whole Housewife for a while, you might recognise this series. I retired it at the end of last year, but when given the opportunity to chat with Nat, I couldn't pass it up. And so, we're here for an encore! 

Nat encapsulates everything I believe to be true about healing fertility and hormonal issues, I especially know this because everything she offers, is what I have used to heal myself. Although she lives two states away from me, I've learnt a bunch of goodness through her blog, and am obsessed with her beautiful book 'Well & Good'. Go here to grab a copy.

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Meet Tara. A fellow Gold Coast blogger with a heart full of passion, intention and some sweet sweet swagger! I find Tara's words so engaging, and addictive. I can't top at one blog post, vlog or interview, I just want to hear more of what she has to say. I just know you're going to love reading more about what a blessed out day is like for this former Party Girl. 

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That beautiful face is the woman behind The Vegan Box, and today you get to meet her! Hannah started her business out of pure passion, and it shows in all that she does. It's amazing to watch Hannah play such an active role in the wellness revolution happening right now!

Don't forget to grab your copy of The Whole You before Sunday 30th November for a discount code off your next Vegan Box. 

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I've had the opportunity to meet Therese and her husband John a number of times over the past few months. And let me tell you they're the real deal! Therese's passion for wellness is unsurpassed, and she has a beautiful nurturing aura about her, like the warmth of a mother hug. Her knowledge and unwavering desire to share it, is infectious! 

Therese Kerr is so much more than being Miranda's mum! 

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When I started the Blissful Babe series a few months back, I knew it was going to be a big ask for me to be able to interview someone every week, pull the interview together with great images, and load the post. But I was totally up for the challenge. 

Sometimes hurdles do put themselves in the way (which is what happened today) and that's totally ok. Not so long ago, I would have been up all night bugging people asking them if I could ask them a few questions about their favourite meal, and how they like to exercise. It's quite funny when I look back! 

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I'm so excited to share this weeks Blissful Babe with you. There's been a few green smoothes since the last BB, but it's so worth the wait! Amanda is a heart centred, cancer kicking, eco loving, natural-beauty expert, and a total babe! I was drawn to Amanda initially for her work empowering young girls to become their best selves through her workshops, but the more I see from Amanda, the more I realise how beautiful of a person she really is! I just know you will love her. 

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This weeks Blissful Babe was brave enough to take the leap of faith many of us dream of! Brooke quit her high pressure job, moved to a beautiful piece of land and has created an organic lifestyle for her family. Brooke is one half of Organic Sisters inspiring wellness through beautiful images and recipes, infused with a big dose of mummy-love! Meet Brooke Toholka...

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I'm so excited to introduce this weeks Blissful Babe, Helen. The beautiful woman behind The Little Sage. In every way Helen communicates she breathes kindness, love and a warm mothering nurture. As I delve deeper into my intuition and learn to encourage and support it, Helen has been a great guide. I've found so much creative inspiration through her blog. I'm sure you will too!

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