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Up until only a few years ago, I really believed that purpose and career were the same thing. I thought that the hunt to find that perfect place for my skills to sit within the world would be my ideal career and that would then become my purpose.

And I guess on one token, that’s correct.

But now that I’m older and wiser (sometimes) I can see that it runs a little deeper than that.

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3 reasons why quitting your job might be just what you need

I have no doubt this topic is already stirring up some emotion for you. Whether it's contentment because you know it doesn't apply to you, resistance because you know deep down it's true or excitement because I've opened your eyes to something you didn't think was possible. Whatever it is, the fact that something is stirring inside you speaks volumes. 

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how to create your happiness blueprint

Searching for the illusive 'career I love and I'll never work a day in my life', has fast become the thing to do. And it's pretty damn awesome. Seeking out something you're passionate about so you can contribute to the world in your own unique way is far bigger than just enjoying your job. Filling the world with good energy comes from love, and when you love what you do, you are literally changing the world. But what if that career you search for isn't everything you need? What if you need more than that to be truly fulfilled...

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