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This week I’m changing pace slightly and asking you to turn inward. I know that’s something that isn’t new to you, or unusual for me to ask, but this time I want you to check in. To become present, and aware.

In this age of self development and constant growth, it’s easy to deflect our previous choices to live by outwardly seeking, onto life in the wellness world.

What I mean be that is it’s easy to go from I need a new bag, car and holiday to I need to be healthy, spiritual and grateful.

What’s so bad about that you might ask?

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Last year my family and I decided that our 2014 Christmas would be about presence not presents. So instead of purchasing each other expensive things we don't need, we booked a holiday house in Northern NSW, and will be spending just over a week there. All the while supporting a local family by renting their house for the week. 

Each year we spend hundreds if not thousands, of dollars on Christmas gifts for people in our families. Imagine if we could put that money into local small businesses, run by heart centred, value driven peeps. Imagine how the world would change if those people had more power?

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