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Last year I was given the opportunity to hold my own workshop within Zen Soul Life Yoga Retreat in Byron Bay. It was a total honour and lit the spark of ambition within me to soon host my own workshop. (Hello GROW!)

I was given free reign to base the workshop on whatever topic I chose that fitted within the mood of the retreat.

I had attended these retreats before, and felt that because they are such a transformative, letting go and re-birthing process, that a workshop on journaling would be a fantastic skill to hone or learn for the attendees.

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how to unlock your inner goddess

There aren’t many things I love more than getting together with a group of girlfriends and chatting about life, embracing our feminine energy – uplifting each other. The energy I feel after vibrating on that higher level with amazing women is so freakin cool!  But as a collective, we have lost that amazing feminie energy that for so long, was a sacred part of life

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Last night I did a guest yoga class with Patrick Beach at Essence of Living. Patrick is a USA  based yogi who travels the world teaching his passion. (Holy wow of a job!) I was a little hesitant to go, mostly because I'm such an introvert, and often struggle stepping outside of my comfort zone. I knew once I was there I would love it, so I pushed myself to go. I think it's important to learn when you should and shouldn't push yourself. Stepping outside your comfort zone, and stretching yourself is where it's at; you just have to know when to be gentle too. 

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