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I'm so excited to introduce this weeks Blissful Babe, Helen. The beautiful woman behind The Little Sage. In every way Helen communicates she breathes kindness, love and a warm mothering nurture. As I delve deeper into my intuition and learn to encourage and support it, Helen has been a great guide. I've found so much creative inspiration through her blog. I'm sure you will too!

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There's a fun little blog hop heading around the interweb's at the moment called Why I Write. It's all about giving an insight into what writing looks like for different bloggers. Beautiful Helen from The Little Sage, has passed the baton to me. You can read her Why I Write response here

I really enjoyed answering these questions, and in fact I learnt a little bit about myself while doing it. Writing brings me clarity, helps me make sense of the mumbo jumbo running around in my mind, and allows me to connect with you guys; which I love! And so, here you go...

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