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are you an angry preaching hippy? i was.

Not so long ago, when I begun my wellness journey, I remember feeling excited and shocked at the things I was learning. It was blowing my mind how much we aren’t taught, and how much is hidden from us about food and wellbeing. I remember learning about how addictive sugar was, and being totally blow away. How does the general public not know this? And how is it ok to sell this stuff?

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Thank you for having me this week! My name is Jess and I am a 25-year-old woman striving each day to follow my dreams by doing what I love. I am a fashion & lifestyle blogger, model, photographer, graphic designer & a sales assistant in fashion/swimwear retail. Doing all this keeps me pretty busy & I love being in the creative world, working with others & creating every day. I am pretty down-to-earth and enjoy spending time with friends & family, exploring new places, creating for my blog & meeting new people. 

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