The most common answer I ever hear when I ask people what they want, is Kate, I want to be happy. 

We have an innate craving for joy. We want to feel happiness radiate through our bodies as often as possible for as long as possible. It’s in our nature to strive for happiness.

When I remember back to my childhood, I was always seeking out the things that brought me joy. Swimming in the pool, playing with my favourite toys, spending time with my family and doing ballet. My life was about seeking joy.

Somewhere between then and now, I learnt to seek joy at any cost. I had to rush past everything in order to get back to my happy state. 

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A couple of weeks ago I teamed up with my bestie Angela Simson of The Gratitude Project to bring Flow + Thrive to the Craft Parlour. This is the first event either of us have hosted for coaches, and I must say, I had a ball being in a room of women called to do this work.

We started by throwing everyone into the deep end and splitting into those who identify as more yin (like me) and more yang (like Ange). One of the reasons Ange and I work so well together is because we both bring something very different to the table, and so we wanted to open up this possibility for the attendees, by matching them with someone who would potentially move them outside of their comfort zone.

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This month marks 10 years since I started my first business, and I have been working for myself in some capacity since then. It’s sometimes hard to believe that I dove into this world at the very young age of 19, but then again, it perfectly matches my personality, so those who knew me weren’t all that surprised.

I think naivety was on my side.

I was also still living with my parents, which meant that my risk was very low.

I grew up with my parents owning their own business for most of my life, I can’t remember a time where they didn’t. So I just thought that was what you did, or at least it was my dream to build something of my own.

Over the years I have faced so many high and lows, and really intense challenges from plagoisim and stealing of my intellectual property to winning awards and feeling complete fullfillment - and those things span across  the different industries I’ve had businesses in. 

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Desire. It’s vivid for all of us, whether we allow it or not, desire truly is powerful. We feel the craving to the centre of our heart.

But is it enough? 

Is the pure desire for what we most crave enough to bring it to life?

The term manifesting has become somewhat buzz-y over the past few years, and reason enough. After the secret came out all those years ago, it became more widely recognised that we may in fact hold the key to our future within.

I didn’t fully grasp and exercise the concept (and see results) until this year. I’m still learning, but I can tell you now, for the first time I’ve manifested just about everything on my vision board for 2017, and we’re only in September. 

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Some heart musings I had to share…

I was having a conversation with a friend recently about the rate at which different coaches grow their communities, and what in fact is the perfect combination of insights, real life and cute pictures. We didn’t really come to any neat conclusions, but what we did observe, is that for a lot of the truth speakers, it seems to take a little longer to get the momentum flowing.

In all honesty, I don’t have any concrete evidence to back this up, it just purely comes from observation, and the particular brands and people we were observing, and it got me thinking

Are we looking for the truth, or are we looking for someone to tell us we’ll live happily ever after?

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Did you know that in just 70 hours the human brain can generate enough energy to power an iPhone? That’s a lot right?

We are flowing with energy at any given moment, and have the ability to do incredible things with it, but why are we always so exhausted, completely tired and flat as a tack?

I believe this is because we aren’t mindful of how we share our energy. 

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When I first started this journey into the life I now live (which is ever evolving might I add), it all begun with a cold pressed green juice and a story of a girl who totally inspired me. It was from there that my interest was sparked, and I started the path to fulfillment, first through my food.

Although I didn’t realise it at the time, what I was really doing was beginning to align with my truth. 

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No I didn’t say cheese-cycle. Although it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been asked!

I came across this concept a few years back when my friend Madonna introduced me to it, and over the years I have learnt more and more about how supportive it is, and I now work with it in some capacity ever day.

At the time I was struggling with managing a huge workload with my makeup business, and wasn’t in the greatest health. This concept was eye opening for me, and gave me complete clarity on how I needed to make my day work for me and my energy flow, instead of pushing against it. 

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When we compare ourselves to others, the issue isn’t in noticing the difference between the other person, and ourselves. We hit discomfort because we give away our power. And when we give away our power, we loose connection to ourselves, and it’s from that space that we feel ungrateful, inferior, agitated and totally out of alignment. 

We all know the feeling of looking to someone else and all they have, and the flooding rush of energy that moves through us as we’re overcome with jealousy. And lets be honest, it’s not something that is often talked about.

Because it’s one of the deadly sins? 


Or maybe it’s because with jealousy comes a mountain of internal shame, and no one wants to expose that to the world. 

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The Convo Club

On 13th July The Convo Club met for the first time, it was a beautiful evening filled with food, laughs and heartfelt chats. Jasmin and I collaborated on this concept after bringing two similar ideas together, and birthing the idea of a ‘club’ that meets a number of times each year, and is purely focused on facilitating conversation between women. I’m talking deeper stuff, questions, thoughts and opinions on different topics. July was all about Love & Relationships. 

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