As a love fueled life coach, speaker and writer, I am honoured to have been a part of the transformation of thousands of women over the world. 

I've worked alongside wellness industry leaders such as Melissa Ambrossini, Nat Kringoudis, Angela Simson, The Daily Guru, and Fernwood Fitness, and have had my work featured in the likes of The Daily Telegraph, my body& soul, and The Herald Sun. 

With over 10 years experience in helping women feel beautiful in their own skin, I still cherish every moment I spend connecting with women.

In 2016 alone I hosted 6 sell out events, I'm one of the faces for DIVINE WOMAN by Therese Kerr, had THIS ARTICLE for My Body & Soul go viral, plus launched an array of heart felt products - all this while gratefully managing full-to-the-brim coaching books. 

In March 2017 I was awarded Emerging Coach of the Year, in the inaugural Beautiful You Coaching Awards, where I was said to be showing enormous commitment to my coaching practice, while showing potential for outstanding growth and success in the future. 

I've also been a featured expert inside various programs including The Self Love Transformation by The Gratitude Project and Workshop Wonderful by Event Head. 





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Kate is a passionate life coach, speaker and writer whose purpose is to help you free yourself of jealousy, and live on your own terms.

Through her online space, coaching sessions and sold out workshops, Kate helps you cut through the internal nastiness, and turn your inner voice into one of love.

She’s an advocate for self care, living gently and getting super comfortable in your own skin. She’s passionate about passion, and loves nothing more than seeing women live a life they love.

You can find Kate online at



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This is what I love to speak and write about. It goes without saying that each of these areas offer lots of potential expansion, so if something aligns for you, get in contact and I'd be happy to refine some ideas specific to your requirements. 

  • Self Love, Self Care and the value of investing in yourself 
  • The Rise of the Divine Feminine & Sacred Rituals 
  • Choosing heart over head
  • Journaling practices & their power
  • Setting and achieving goals and intentions that actually work
  • Rising above turmoil and finding love for yourself again
  • High-achievers, people-pleasers, burnout, and how to break the habit 
  • Career vs Purpose - And why they are not the same thing 
  • The secret to a fulfilling life 




"Kate is one of those extraordinary humans. She is a delicious combination of joy, honesty, passion, wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration. Kate is impeccably organised, gorgeously presented, 100% reliable and always radiating a relaxed, warm and loving persona. Her attention to detail, artistic flair and passionate approach really set her apart as an outstanding, authentic professional. Kate lives and breathes the core values of Yoga philosophy and the Yogic lifestyle. We feel blessed that she chooses to be apart of our community and we align so truthfully."


"I was drawn to Kate. Even through not knowing her, I knew I had to connect somehow.  From afar she radiated kindness, softness and a sweet essence that forced me to say “hey, that girl and I should be friends”. So I reached out to her and I’ve been grateful for her everyday since. Kate has a way of drawing out the good in people, and making them realise not only their potential, but what they already possess on the inside. Somehow she does this by simply listening, holding space and making it feel like the most incredible space you’ve ever been in. Safe, secure and loving.
On a personal level, she’s tough. She’ll take on any challenge life throws at her and make it her lesson. Somehow it doesn’t make her hard, she maintains a softness as though her wisdom prepared her for it all. She’s an absolute incredible friend, soul sister, coach and woman. When I’m around Kate, I focus on becoming the best version of myself possible, because that’s how she lives every single day."

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