Ainslie Young, Life Coach & Writer – Starting With A

"I approached Kate wanting to enhance my self-confidence, especially around my new business venture and life coaching career. I also wanted to stop being so hard on myself, create a life where I lived in flow, and really embrace my new home in Hong Kong.
After just my first session, I realised that setting goals that were focused on feelings is profound and it got me really inspired to take action towards achieving them.
Since working with Kate, I’ve definitely experienced a huge shift in my self-confidence across all areas of my life, especially in my business. I started out not wanting to put myself out there and after taking action straight away it became a lot easier. Kate helped me come from a place of authenticity, which made the process more enjoyable, and as a result I’ve gone through a significant transformation. Just one example is that I confidently pitched articles to other blogs, including a successful submission to the Huffington Post.
I’ve also realised through Kate’s help that I need to focus on living in flow rather than making my life so structured. I now really listen to what my body and mind need in the moment and I act on that rather than pushing through. I now feel more settled within myself, the path that I’m on, and living abroad. And my loved ones have noticed it too, saying I’m much more confident and positive.
Overall, I’d describe coaching with Kate as enlightening, supportive, and expansive. She made me feel so supported and encouraged, and always took the time to deeply listen. She consistently provided thoughtful advice, insights, and suggestions and she is seriously so damn wise! I genuinely looked forward to our sessions and I’m going to miss them."

Kate CaddleComment