Heidi Lakin, Creative Designer & Founder of Blussh

"Where do I start? This woman inspired me from the moment we connected (via Instagram and then email - gotta love social media), and I couldn’t be more blessed to have crossed paths with her and now enjoy her motivation and encouragement as part of my world. When I finally had the absolute pleasure of meeting Kate face-to-face I was met with a deeply intuitive, discerning, passionate, caring, ambitions, determined, spirited and authentic woman. She seeks truth not just for herself but for women in general – anybody willing to hear! She empowers and aligns women for what is ahead, what is waiting for them, giving them strength and dignity where perhaps they thought they lacked.
Kate inspires me on a few levels, the most significant one for me being her own personal journey through endometriosis. I never once sensed a negative vibe from her when we started chatting about the darkness she has had to walk through and in fact, she made me feel very encouraged and relaxed to talk about my own struggles and joys including motherhood and my two children (one of those being a very obvious baby bump or ‘child on the way’). She could do nothing but lavish love and support on me as a mum. Talk about a spirit of humility and selflessness! Kate really is genuinely interested in women’s stories, their journeys, their life and the areas they triumph as well as the areas they struggle.
I couldn’t recommend Kate enough to anyone who is seeking life coaching, answers, or some clarity in their world. Kate is the perfect fit for those who really want to see positive change in their life; the freedom that comes with barriers being broken down, fear being overcome and opportunities being chased!"
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