"After Kate’s workshop I felt really free.  Journaling is something I have loved doing in the past, but hadn't found the time to pick it up again.
When the workshop begun, I had no idea what I would write about but with the tools Kate provided, I began writing with ease. Kate said we needed to write three pages, and there was a time limit, and that made me a little nervous, butbefore I knew it, I was three pages in and wanting more!
The thoughts, feelings and memories came flooding out and I fell in love with journaling all over again. Kate really listens and understands, and was so open about her struggles that it encouraged me to feel open about mine. I felt close to her right away.
Kate’s workshop taught me to trust myself a little bit more, and that in some way I always have the answers within me. I happily refer my friends to Kate, and looks forward to working with her again soon! "

Kate CaddleComment