"I had wasted so many years, months, days, living a mediocre life and since working with Kate that has finally come to an end. She has made such a huge impact on my life and I’m grateful for that everyday. Before coaching with Kate I was trying to connect with myself, create better relationships with my body and food, and get the negative inner chatter under control. I really wanted to start living my life to it's full potential!
I felt like I’d tried everything and this was my last resort. I hoped that working with Kate would allow me to learn, and grow and that I would get the chance to feed off her positive energy. Before we started I was really nervous, but Kate put me to ease with her warm, friendly nature and I felt comfortable talking to her without any judgment.
I feel at peace with the world, and really enjoy the little things now. I used to roll out of bed and take half the day to wake up, but now I’m excited about waking up and embracing the new day.  My loved ones have also commented on how much they’ve seen a positive change in me. They are always saying how positive I am, and that I seem so much happier and more ‘bouncy!’
Through our coaching series I changed habits and learned new information that I will continue to work on for the rest of my life. It was exactly what I needed!"

Kate CaddleComment