"When I first connected with Kate, I’d just gone through a relationship breakdown and had made the decision to have a baby by myself. I had made an appointment to see a psychologist, however there was something not quite sitting right with the decision. I didn't want to just talk about what was going on with me, I knew I needed to work to achieve my goals and I wanted an action plan.
I came across Kate via instagram and her words resonated with me. I have always cringed at the words "life coach", however Kate seemed different. Once we had talked, I knew I’d made the right decision.
By the end of our first session, I was happy that I had an action plan that I was going to be accountable for. I also realised I had Kate’s support, which is different than a family member or friend as it provides more assurance. I was very apprehensive about my goals and journey but Kate’s confidence was encouraging.
To my friends and family, I’m always positive and happy, so I don’t think they realised how big the shift in me really was, although they did realise I was happier. For me, the biggest change has been my belief that I can manifest anything I want. If I shift positive energy to where I need and want it to go, amazing things will happen. This isn't magic, it takes work and energy but when I apply it, the results are magical.
I really enjoyed seeing results, and when we applied a % of how I was feeling next to my goals and seeing the shift (no matter how small) every fortnight, this was hugely encouraging. Overall, I’d describe my coaching experience with Kate as positive, powerful, and healing. "
Kate CaddleComment