I’m an intuitive life coach, speaker and writer.
I wear a variety of other hats too. 
Mother. Wife. Soul sister…
You too?

I’m an earth mama, chai lover and rescuer of two kelpies.

I’m grounded and gentle, but I have a strength and certainty that many find comforting.

I wasn’t always this way though.

Rewind to the mid 90’s and picture a quiet, reserved, and somewhat frustrated little girl. Not truly feeling loved and accepted of who I was, I didn’t feel it was safe or okay to fully express myself.  And as a result self doubt formed it’s firm foundation in my heart.

For the years that followed that story strengthened.

Never the shining star.
Afraid to speak my truth.

Fast forward to 2012, just two weeks after my husband proposed and I found myself in an emergency room while a team of Dr’s tried to understand the cause of the excruciating pain I was experiencing in my stomach.

The following morning I underwent emergency surgery for a 10cm ovarian cyst that had taken up residence on my left ovary. A result of the endometriosis they discovered while operating on my womb.

In the years that followed I went on a healing journey of my own, first physically, then emotionally. To bring myself back ‘home’.

What I learnt was that the years of self doubt, my lack of self trust and the story I told myself that it wasn’t safe for me to be me, resulted in this physical manifestation that I had just experienced in my life centre, my womb space.

After 5 years of trying to conceive, multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts, miscarriage and all of my Dr’s telling me that our chance of success were on the decline, our little rainbow-babe found his way to my womb. This time, without intervention.

And while I thought and felt that my biggest work had been done (healing my body, emotions, self connection + connection to the divine) I could have never known what was to come.


And after the first trimester, I felt a sense of love, ease, connection and an EPIC invitation to go deeper.

I felt the divine feminine flowing through me.
The miracle of life within.

And I saw that this was the awakening.
This was the time I was to come alive.

And so, I embraced it.

Connection to myself, my baby and all that was, allowed me to truly love my pregnancy.

It was magical.

In April 2018 our little Flynn was born.
And so was I.

As cliche as it sounds, our birth was the most incredible experience of my life and I truly experienced my own rebirth.

You see, I believe, that just like me, you mama have an invitation to embrace your self connection, learn to love who you are and truly come alive as an intuitive, heart centred trusting woman, through pregnancy.

This is our rite of passage.
We earned this.

And it’s become my soul purpose to help others feel and experience just how divine they are, through the oh-so-sacred container of motherhood.

In the moments after birth, I remember saying to my husband…

‘Did you just see me? I’m incredible!!’

I’ve never said a sentence more true or powerful in my life.

I want you to feel that too.
Because you are incredible. Incredible beyond comprehension.

This is where I’m meant to be.

Holding space for you to have this growth too.

To experience your own rebirth through your experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

It’s time to shed what no longer serves you and come alive to the divine woman laying dormant inside you. I promise she’s there.

8 quick facts about me 


1. Taurus, and passion curses through my veins.
2. I’m also terrible with change, I stand up for what I believe in and can be a bit (a lot) stubborn.
3. I’m an ENFJ.
4. I’ve grown up around the water and can ski, wake board, surf, drive a boat and just about anything else on the water - I’m not particularly good at any of them, but that doesn’t bother me.
5. I’m left handed. 
6. Dirty dancing is my favourite movie.
7. I was born on the Gold Coast in Australia and have lived here my whole life.
8. I’m deeply in love with my twin flame, who I affectionately call (and believe I am the only one) Mikey.

So there you have it, me in a few hundred words.

I’m really glad you stopped by.