For longer than you anticipated you’ve been dancing with trying to conceive.

You’ve felt the pull in your belly toward motherhood whether it’s for the first time, or you’re coming back for more, but it’s been long enough now that doubt has found a space on your pillow, and you’re certainty of becoming a mama is dropping.

You tick all the boxes and do everything you’re told will help the process.

Kale smoothies
Tracking your cycles
No processed foods
Early nights
No alcohol.… 
The list could go for a month.

But despite the fact that you’re all over the to-do-to-fall list, every cycle seems to roll around to bring you yet another single line, and a little more heartbreak.

I know this because I’ve lived it.

For 56 months my husband and I rode the worst roller-coaster ever. (No wonder I don’t like them!) The ups and downs, highs and lows, until eventually it was just the lows, and we called it quits.

No more IVF.
No more trying to conceive.

We decided on adoption, but first, my body needed to heal.

So I committed myself to 100% focus on my wellbeing, and I nurtured myself on all levels. Mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. 

It was a MASSIVE 6 months, but it was divine, and I really enjoyed the process of coming home to myself for the first time. The growth I experienced during those 6 month surpassed anything I’d immersed myself in previously, and there had been a lot.

In a state of disbelief, 8 months after our final round of IVF, we finally got what I’d been hoping for, for almost 5 years. Standing in my bathroom on a Sunday morning, staring at the two lines that stared back at me, I was certain that my husband had bought a dodgy test.

Alas, I was pregnant!
And in April 2018 I became a mama.

At the time I thought that conceiving Flynn was all luck. Pure chance.
But in hindsight and now having the perspective of those crazy years, I can see that one massive thing shifted for me in that magical 6 month period.

I learned what it meant to live in alignment. 

Energetic alignment was my roadmap to a thriving life where I felt deeply fulfilled. 
And THAT was the space that our baby needed to be created from.

And now it’s time for me to share that with you.


Energetic alignment for conscious conception

A 12 week group program, designed to support you into your deep energetic alignment so you too, can nurture your wellbeing through this wild ride, and *hold the phone* maybe actually find joy in the process.

We’ll cover…

  • Why energetic alignment is the key to a fulfilling life

  • What it means to live in energetic alignment and why it’s all you need to focus on in life. (It’s the only goal you need!)

  • I’ll show you exactly what you can control, and how to surrender to what you can’t

  • Healing your heart, and how you can free yourself of the burden of your current (and past) pain, and why this is essential for you be the mama you’re meant to be

  • I’ll show you how you can create space for a baby in your life, and actually be prepared to receive them

  • We’ll uncover your intuition and just how you can tap into, and act from that space daily

  • We’ll create a vision for your future that is guided by the voice within, and doesn’t tie your happiness to a specific outcome

It’s going to be an incredible 12 weeks of immersion in self love, growth and inner connection. We’ll hold each others hands through this time with compassion, love and understanding, and sometimes a shove right back on the path.

Intimate. Sacred. Supported.

With a maximum of 11 other women by your side, we’ll connect fortnightly (thanks to the wonderful internet) where I’ll deliver content, insights and exercises for you to embrace and embody your own energetic alignment. And finally my love, give yourself the opportunity to thrive.

This isn’t a promise of conception or a healthy baby, because for as long as that’s the prize you’ll feel unfulfilled. I’ll teach you how to shift your focus and in turn feel joy, fulfilment, self kindness and certainty no matter what is happening around (and inside of) you.

Feeling the emotional pain and uncertainty that your life is offering right now isn’t the only way to navigate conception. In fact, it’s the most painful way. Let me show you how you can move through this time as the graceful goddess you are.


the details

Here’s the practical part...

Duration & location 
12 week group mentoring & coaching program hosted through a private (and secret) Facebook group

6 x 1-1.5 hour group mentoring sessions delivery bi-weekly
These will be recorded if you can’t join us live

Facebook support group with access to Kate as well as your sister working within the program alongside you

1 hour 1:1 intuitive coaching session with Kate at some point throughout our 3 months together
This is your opportunity to dive deep into whatever is playing on your mind or holding you back from living full aligned. The ground we can cover in these sessions is incredible, and can truly skyrocket your expansion. 

Our group will have a maximum of 12 participants, ensuring adequate time with everyone, while also offering you the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with the other women in the group. Remember, these ladies are living what you are. There is comfort in the compassion that comes from a woman who understands, and is happy to sit with you in your challenge.

Choose the option that best suits you…
$990.00 AUD paid in full
12x weekly payments of $85.00 AUD

Payment plan will incur a processing fee charged by the provider

Limited registration dates
Registration is open from the 11th October - 18th October inclusive, unless sold out prior. 

Course dates
Commencement 4th November 2019
Completion 27th January 2020 

Please note that we will have a two week break over Christmas from 21st December and returning on the 6th January.
Our Facebook group will still be open during this time so we will remain connected, however there won’t be any content delivered during this time.

This program is beautiful, reflective and offers the opportunity for deeply empowering transformation.

By fully showing up in this program, investing in your own wellbeing, and lovingly embracing your sisters who are with you, you have the potential to navigate whatever comes your way. Truly allowing you to ALIGN & THIRVE


Kate is one of those extraordinary humans. She is a delicious combination of joy, honesty, passion, wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration. Working with Kate is a dream.
- Madonna Williams

I had wasted so many years, months, days, living a mediocre life and since working with Kate that has finally come to an end. She has made such a huge impact on my life and I’m grateful for that everyday.
- Gemma Shields 

She’ll take on any challenge life throws at her and make it her lesson. Somehow it doesn’t make her hard, she maintains a softness as though her wisdom prepared her for it all. She’s an absolutely incredible friend, soul sister, coach and woman.
- Angela Simson

Kate was compassionate, understanding and open. She held space for me beautifully, and made me feel incredibly supported. I’ve walked away from our coaching journey feeling ready to embark on the next stage of my life. I'm so grateful for the experience of working with her!
- Rebecca Neale

Working with Kate was an amazing experience! I felt like I knew her all my life and her kindness and warmth made me feel at ease from the very first moment. With Kate's help I was gifted clarity and I now know that my dreams will soon be a reality.
- Aracelys Roman

So my love, shall I SAVE YOU A SPACE?