I’m officially on maternity leave, and our little boy is due somewhere around now (we’re keeping the date to ourselves, so as to avoid as many ‘is he here yet distractions as possible). I’m actually writing this in advance, so he may even be here!

I thought now being the beautifully special time in our lives that it is, and a call for so much love and celebration, that it is the perfect time to share the photos from my baby shower back in February.

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I had always planned to share my story from each of the trimesters of my pregnancy, but I must say I’ve put off sharing trimester two, because I felt like there wasn’t anything much to share!

But it seems on reflection there actually was some significance for me, and I feel that the magic is in sharing what often feels like we don’t need to share. That’s usually the place where we find the most connection with others.

If you haven’t read about my first trimester, and the six months prior to conception, you can follow the links now (here and here).

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By now, you may have heard that my husband and I are expecting a little boy in April 2018. We’re so overjoyed, and still getting used to the fact that we will be parents very soon.

This has been quite a journey for us, and I’ve been really excited to share how it all came about. Have you read about our past experiences with infertility? (You can read here, here and here).

Despite the fact that together we had been through multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts, and miscarriage a couple of years back, you can imagine our delight (and shock) when we discovered that I was pregnant - naturally.

To be totally honest, even though we had wanted this for so long, a part of me was not expecting it.

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