What does this breakout mean?

Last night I was very lucky to sit in on Vegie Head's skin webinar. It was so great to listen to all of Adele's tips from her years of experience. The webinar will be available soon for anyone who missed it. 

If you don't already know my background is also in beauty, I'm a Diploma Qualified Beauty Therapist and have been working in the beauty industry for over 7 years. I've worked in some beautiful beauty salons, and have also built my own hair and makeup business. Some of the most common questions I get asked are what are my favourite products, what would I recommend for beautiful skin and how can I get quick results. The answer isn't quick, but it is simple. Find the root of the problem and repair it from there. 

The number one most important step in improving your skin is nutrition. What you feed your body will have an impact on what you see on the surface. After all, our skin is an organ just like our liver or kidneys and it needs to be nourished and cared for. 

Imbalances in the body are the number one cause of breakouts. Yes you can treat something topically with products, peels, or even by taking crazy drugs like roaccutane, but the root of the problem is still there and chances are the problem will resurface again. I have put together this face chart and numbered the common breakout zones to help you pinpoint where your breakouts are stemming from. 


Face zones copy.jpg

1.  Forehead

The forehead is a reflection of digestion; it can be an indication of sluggish digestion or even food allergies

2. Chin and above the top lip

This is the hormonal zone. You will usually find you break out here when you are menstruating especially if you have a hormone imbalance. 

3. Jaw Line and Neck

This is the stress zone! If you're breaking out here it's a sign to slow down!

4 and 5. Lower and Upper Cheek

Breakouts in this area are usually sore and cystic, and linked with acne. This usually indicates a deep hormonal imbalance particularly testosterone, making it more common in men. It's also a common area for infection due to poor hygiene. It's really important to not pick at your skin, especially when you have dirty hands and your face isn't freshly cleansed. 

6. Nose

Breakouts on the nose are usually due to lack of exfoliation. We have lots of little pores all over out skin, and they are concentrated on the nose. This is where we most commonly get blackheads. A little clogging on the surface of the skin will trap in the oil and cause a pimple. Regular exfoliation on your nose will help with this.

I highly recommend, and urge you to consider visiting a naturopath to have blood tests done to determine any imbalances. This is actually how I discovered I was celiac and lactose intolerant! I was having constant bad breakouts on my forehead and after being diagnosed, and cleaning up my diet, my forehead cleared up right away.

Something else to consider is medication. If you are on medication long term, for example the Pill, this will give you a false sense of balance. The pill is packed with artificial hormones that will disguise any issues you might have. You won’t get a true indication until a good few months of being off the pill. Also keep this in mind when you see other people with great skin that don’t live a great lifestyle. It’s not always a true indication of what is happening inside their body. As long as you are honest and loving with your body, you know you will be providing it with all that it needs and it will love you in return!