Blissful Babe - Lisa Pentony

This week I'm so excited for you to meet Lisa, owner of Pilates by Lisa. We met years ago on a photo shoot (when we were both on different career paths) and I attended some of her first ever classes when there were just a handful of us. Now you'll be hard pressed trying to squeeze your mat in! There's a reason why Lisa has done so well, she's passionate about what she does, right to her core. You know how much I love that! 

Tell us a little bit about who you are

My name is Lisa Pentony and I am the owner and director of Pilates By Lisa. We hold Pilates classes in beautiful Burleigh Waters on the Gold Coast and also have a fantastic online community who subscribe to our online workout studio 'Pilates By Lisa On Demand'. I love Pilates and my amazing clients, my piano, my little beach shack, eating great food, coffee, cuddles, sunshine and being a Gold Coaster!

How did you get here? Was there a moment where everything changed?

Five years ago I was working full time as a fitness coordinator and studying my Bachelors Degree In Journalism on the Gold Coast. I had recently completed my Pilates qualifications and I added some classes into the timetable at work, the feedback was amazing! I absolutely fell in love with Pilates, it completely stole all of my attention and I was hooked! My clients started asking for more classes, which wasn’t possible due to timetable restrictions, but it got me thinking…why don’t I start my own classes?

So I hired the local community hall one night a week, with no idea how many people would come or even if I would cover the hall rent costs! I would have been happy if even just one person had come along that first night. My mum helped me give out mats and greet people, both of us as nervous as each other!

Only months later, the hall was bursting at the seams…the class was a success! We then started another class on Mondays, then Tuesdays, Wednesdays, another on Thursdays, added a weekend session to the mix…Pilates By Lisa was growing!

Today, five years on, we still run our classes in the same community hall and I absolutely love it! We have also now spread our passion for Pilates right around the globe with our online studio “Pilates By Lisa On Demand” at, where members have unlimited 24/7 access to over 100 online workouts anytime, anywhere! Sometimes I can’t believe where we’ve come from, mum still works with me and helps anyway she can, I couldn’t do it without her!

What does a regular day look like for you? 

On a typical day I get up at 4:30/5 am and get ready for my first class for the day…I am definitely a morning person and love to get up early! My morning sessions are usually corporate clients, it is always fun and different!

Afterwards I have a healthy brekkie, typically I’ll have Burgen Soy and Linseed bread toasted with some coconut oil and vegemite (you have to try it!) and a coffee, sometimes I have oats and cinnamon, or I make up a huge fruit salad at the start of the week and divide it up and freeze it, I LOVE frozen fruit!

The rest of the day is dedicated to housework, keeping in touch with our online members, editing our latest workout videos for the studio, updating social media, answering emails, completing more of my studies and just trying to get as far ahead as possible! Organisation is crucial for any business, fail to plan…plan to fail!

Lunch is always fresh vegetable soup, I’ve had this almost every day for the past ten years and I have never tired of it! Once again, I cut it up in batches and freeze it, preparation is key!

I have more classes in the afternoon and night, mostly at Burleigh which I just love, they are always so much fun and it’s so fulfilling to see so many happy faces leaving after a tough workout!

I cook a big, healthy dinner for my partner Danno and I in our beautiful little beach shack. I love cooking and making delicious meals full of whole ingredients.

Evenings are spent watching our favourite TV shows, right now it’s Entourage. Then it’s off to bed to start all over again!

What are your favourite ways to get active?

Pilates! It is the BEST way to slim, tone, define, strengthen and align your body! It is the perfect workout to get your body into peak physical condition whilst also preventing back and joint pain, rehabilitating existing injuries and helping you achieve a lean, athletic figure. Danno was recently diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes, and Pilates always without fail regulates his blood sugar to its perfect level. It’s amazing for boosting your metabolism too, regulating your sleeping patterns, improving your lung capacity and relieving other ailments. Can it get any better?!

What are the three most important things that you do each day?

Change people’s life for the better: The results some of our clients have seen is amazing and life changing, one of our online members has even lost 15 kg so far this year with our workouts! We have such a positive, friendly and motivating following and I am so proud of everyone for their incredible results!

See my family: I am very close with my family, we are only a small family and we are extremely tight knit, they mean the world to me. Recently we’ve been struck by cancer in the family and more than ever now it is so important to me that I spend as much time as I possibly can with them. Life is too short to put anything else before family!

Make a little time for me: It is very hard when work, money, household duties and other commitments take over, but I always spend 20 minutes each day doing something I love: my own Pilates workout, a bike ride, walk, reading a magazine, playing piano, just to stay balanced.

It’s my dream to …

Keep expanding our online Pilates studio and our wonderful community, I love what I do and I just want to reach out to more people to help them on the path to health and wellness!

I believe that…

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing is left to chance or coincidence and we are always exactly where we are supposed to be.

Today I’m grateful for…

my family and my life.

For a better tomorrow we must …

Learn to appreciate one another, stop taking our health for granted and live every day like it’s our last.

What is your favourite meal of the day? 

I love my lunch! I always have veggie soup with stewed pumpkin, carrot, celery and onion with a dash of curry powder…it’s so good and so filling! My favourite drink is sparkling water, I also indulge in a cup of coffee with mum whenever we have a chance to just sit and catch up!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Never compare yourself or compete with others, focus just on yourself and you’ll be happy and successful. It’s very true, you’ve got nobody to impress but yourself!

Lisa has been kind enough to share one of her favourite workouts from her online studio with us! 

For more free workouts, sign up to Lisa's 3 day trial. Head to her website for more details. 

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