The Convo Club

On 13th July The Convo Club met for the first time, it was a beautiful evening filled with food, laughs and heartfelt chats. Jasmin and I collaborated on this concept after bringing two similar ideas together, and birthing the idea of a ‘club’ that meets a number of times each year, and is purely focused on facilitating conversation between women. I’m talking deeper stuff, questions, thoughts and opinions on different topics. July was all about Love & Relationships. 

We were very lucky to have some incredible sponsors on board, who I’d love to thank for their generosity in being a part of this special evening. 

Emma Newby

Naughty Naturopath Mum


Sol Cleanse

Spirituali tea

Gloss & Co

The Love Letter Collective


Bright Little Dot

Loving Earth


Soul Centre

The Convo Club with be meeting on the Gold Coast in Australia, on 14th September and 16th November. Be sure to grab your ticket if one of the upcoming topics resonates.