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I had always planned to share my story from each of the trimesters of my pregnancy, but I must say I’ve put off sharing trimester two, because I felt like there wasn’t anything much to share!

But it seems on reflection there actually was some significance for me, and I feel that the magic is in sharing what often feels like we don’t need to share. That’s usually the place where we find the most connection with others.

If you haven’t read about my first trimester, and the six months prior to conception, you can follow the links now (here and here).

Since we shared our news we’ve had this beautiful buzz of love around us, and it’s been so special to be experience. After keeping it all so close to our chest for the first couple of months, being able to share with the world was so so special! It no longer felt like the worlds biggest secret. 


As with most women (my heart breaks for those who don’t get to experience this) my nausea and fatigue had lifted by the second trimester, and on the most part I was feeling like my usual self. The weather was also starting to warm up as we made our way into Spring, and I was feeling on top of the world. 

At the point that I’m writing this post, I feel like I’ve had a really easy pregnancy compared to so many other women. I have for sure had my challenges, but it truly has been simple and enjoyable. 

I know that a big part of this has been the groundwork I laid with my health, and that self care has been so important to me. 

Trimester two brought a few blood noses. I’d never had these before, and they were gross, but manageable. I also had quite a bit of hip pain, just in one of my hips as the little one was getting bigger and taking up more space. This made exercise really difficult, and I had to pull right back. 

I also had sporadic extreme fatigue, in those weeks where I almost forgot I was pregnant, and over committed maybe just a little too much. 

And a little bit of reflux for a few weeks right in the middle of the second trimester. 

All in all, as far as symptoms the second trimester really was simple and flowing for me, and as long as I took time to slow down and keep cool as the weather got warmer and warmer, I felt really good. 


Due to my increase in energy I got my mojo back and was right back into work. Diving in with the Gratitude Gang, finishing up my coaching clients and Happy School, and finding creative flow again. 

I did have a level of frustration for not being able to fully show up as I always have in the past, and this took a lot of love and kindness to myself to release yet again, my people pleasing tendencies. 

I was also challenged in holding space for others. And I’m being super raw here. I’ve never found holding space for others to be difficult, but I did notice a shift in the second trimester, and I know this is because I was so focused on holding space for myself and my little one. 

One of my personal key takeaways from trimester two was the shift in my priorities.

Even though consciously I wasn’t ready to make the shift and didn’t feel it was hugely necessary yet, I felt it happening instinctively. And in true Kate style I resisted at first, but I found my peace with it, and am now embracing this shift. 

As my tummy was beginning to grow I also noticed Michael being able to make more of a connection to what was happening. I know it’s really hard for our partners in those first few months because essentially we look exactly as we always have, but we are so different to who we were before! Being able to see our little person growing, and being past those first few milestones made such a difference for my hubby. 

My placenta is anterior which means it in on the front of my tummy, creating a bit more of a barrier between the baby and the outside world. This can be an issue if the placenta doesn’t move up as the uterus expands, as it can cover the birth canal and means c-section is the safest way to birth baby. 

In trimester two my Dr was able to see that the placenta was moving up as they would hope, and it is now in the optimal position for a vaginal birth.  

Being that I’m carrying it anteriorly, it also meant it took a little longer to feel our little guy move. I wish I took note of when I first felt flutters, I may have to go back through my journal, but I believe it was about 18 weeks. I wasn’t 100% sure that it was him, I actually thought I had gas (!), but as it got stronger around 20 weeks, I knew it had been him all that time. 

Without a doubt this is the most incredible feeling in the world, and the more I felt him move, the more and more we connected. 

After MANY attempts at explaining what it felt like, and showing him where to place his hand, Michael finally felt our little one move at about 22 weeks. Such a magical moment for our little family, and one I won’t forget. 


The second trimester also brought with it finishing of the internal renovation of our home. We had always planned to do this in early 2018, however with our little one on the way, we brought it forward a little more, so that we could be back in our home with plenty of time to prepare for the birth. 

We had already done the bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry, which left the entry, kitchen, dining and living areas. 

It was a big job, and frustrating for me to not be able to help. I’m quite hands on, and love getting in and being a part of it all, but I had to sit it out and direct from the sidelines. 

We moved in with my parents for about 5-6 weeks while the work was being done which was great, but we did miss having our own space as well. 

The most challenging part for me was being on my feet so much. Whenever I had to be at the house I was standing on concrete, and all the furniture was put away, so there wasn’t really anywhere to sit. There was also a lot of running around, organising and coordinating to be done, which is all fun, but a little more challenging when pregnant. 

This is actually when my hip pain was at it’s worst, and I had a couple of days that I pushed too hard, and ended up having to stay on the couch at mum and dads to recover. 

I know this might not sound so bad, and it wasn’t, but it was frustrating to not be able to be a part of the renovations in the same way I had in the past. I felt very useless!! 

But it was a short amount of time, and well worth it to be in our clean, renovated home with plenty of time to prep for baby!


+ Feeling our baby boy move for the first time! 

+ Watching Michael as he felt him move for the first time. It took so long for him to feel him, I was so happy when he finally did! 

+ Noticing my body changing. Belly, hips, bum, boobs, face. All subtle at that stage, but oh so special. 

+ My connection with the baby. I felt our bond deepen as it all begun to feel more and more real. 

+ Our big scan at 19/20 weeks where we got to see 3D pics of our baby! 

+ Getting to share the news with everyone! 

+ Having an actual baby bump (not just bloat!) 

+ Creating a beautiful space for our family with our renovation

+ Being able to work. It was really nice to find my rhythm again. 

If you have a little one or you’re pregnant too, I’d love to know what your second trimester was like? Share your reflections in the comments below. 

I also plan to share the third trimester with you before the little guy is born, because I’ll be taking a break from work for sometime post birth. Keep an eye out for that in a little over a months time.