It’s the gift.

Holding life within, creating a new existence, allowing the divine to manifest, calling on ancestral wisdom to support us through our birthing of these babes, is what I believe to be the opening of the portal. Our invitation like no other, to develop a connection to ourselves and the Universe at the highest vibration available to us.

It’s at this time in our lives, that we are invited to recognise that we ARE the Universe.
We ARE the divine.
We ARE embodying the greatest miracle there ever was.
We hold all of the Universal power in our womb.

This is our sometimes aggressive, often nauseating, deeply scary invitation to go within.
To truly embrace the cellular wisdom that is the feminine power that already lies within us.

Whether you’re experiencing pregnancy for the first time, or the 6th, this is available to all of us. If you have previous birth wounds that ache at the thought of walking this path again, I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve been told stories of pregnancy and birth that are less than desirable, you can choose to see this differently. You can choose to accept the invitation.

It might not make sense, it rarely does, but that’s only because we can’t fully understand the divine plan while we’re in it. You know how the clarity of why something occurred only happens well after the event?

And what if, it actually wasn’t about understanding, what if it was about trusting.

What if trust was the purpose of all of this?
Trusting your own guidance and that of the divine plan.

But how?
That’s where I come in!

One of my soul gifts to you is a loving relationship with yourself.

While it might seem far off, or like you can only taste the tiniest part of your self love journey, I want you to know it’s there.

Think of your relationship with yourself like a garden.
Have you tendered to and watered it lately?
Does it need some love and attention?
Is it flourishing with beautiful vines of fruit and flowers?
Or is it dry and weak?

Know that your garden wants to come to life.
And there are no shortcuts.
But you don’t have to do it alone.

When you know the steps to building self and universal trust and you’ve got a sister by your side (that’s me) the journey is beautiful.

In working with me 1:1 you’ll uncover…

+ Self trust
+ Fear awareness, know when it’s serving you and when it’s not
+ Connection to your intuition
+ Your ability to hold a safe space for the pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey that is destined for you
+ Your unique code for vibrating at a loving frequency
+ Your never ending source of energy (you’ll definitely be needing that one mama)
+ Lots more greatness that we can’t foresee. Remember, it’s all about trust.

A little about me and how I coach…

I’m an earth mama, dress me in linen overalls, put me on the beach with a chai in one hand and my child’s hand in the other, and you’ll find me smiling from the heart.

I’m grounded and gentle but I have a strength and certainty that many find comforting.

I’m genuine and live within my truth.
I’m reliable and will stick to my word.
And, I’m possibly the most fierce advocate you’ll ever find for the importance of you loving you.

I’ve got a 12 year history of helping women feel incredible within themselves, 5 of those years are as an intuitive life coach.

I’ve also been on an incredible journey of love within myself since 2012 and bring my lessons to the work that I do. I’m fiercely passionate about holding a safe space for you to have that growth too. Because it will change you in every. single. way for the better.

So my love you’ve been invited.
By love.
By the Universe.
By the tiny life growing inside of you.
To trust.

Shall I RSVP you as attending?


Your Coaching package looks like an abundance of love and support.

Here’s the practical part...

30 minute connect session 
To cast a vision together and get crystal clear on our points of focus for your series

8 x 60 minute coaching sessions 
Bi-weekly sessions where we work on your vision, connect to your truth, and I hold space for your transformation and growth. These are available from 13 weeks gestation onwards and will slot into a 4 month period

1 x 60 minute realignment session
Between 32-38 week gestation to realign you before you birth the divine little being

You have two options 

Pay in full $2200
Payment plan $566 x 4 payments


Kate is one of those extraordinary humans. She is a delicious combination of joy, honesty, passion, wisdom, enthusiasm and inspiration. Working with Kate is a dream.
- Madonna Williams

I had wasted so many years, months, days, living a mediocre life and since working with Kate that has finally come to an end. She has made such a huge impact on my life and I’m grateful for that everyday.
- Gemma Shields 

She’ll take on any challenge life throws at her and make it her lesson. Somehow it doesn’t make her hard, she maintains a softness as though her wisdom prepared her for it all. She’s an absolutely incredible friend, soul sister, coach and woman.
- Angela Simson

Kate was compassionate, understanding and open. She held space for me beautifully, and made me feel incredibly supported. I’ve walked away from our coaching journey feeling ready to embark on the next stage of my life. I'm so grateful for the experience of working with her!
- Rebecca Neale

Working with Kate was an amazing experience! I felt like I knew her all my life and her kindness and warmth made me feel at ease from the very first moment. With Kate's help I was gifted clarity and I now know that my dreams will soon be a reality.
- Aracelys Roman

Not sure if one:onE coaching is what you need?